Dear Reader or to be Reader .....

Most people need unclinching proof of success before they bestir themselves out of inertia.  It is their ego protecting them ... why ... as god you are not built for failure ... so your mind needs a lot of convincing before taking the plunge into doing anything new.

The only convincing factor for you to believe ... is when success is repeated all over again via  conscious creation ... the 2nd time around too.

So let me share my story with you.  The law of attraction actually began to show itself to me ... almost 15 years ago .. when my ego ... woke up inside of me. I can actually remember as if it was yesterday. I was having a farewell party of sorts with a few friends as I was moving cities.  I was being asked what I was planning for my new life .... and I said the most amazing thing with such conviction that my friends surely thought I was boasting ! I said .. I am going to live in a huge house .. I don't know the details but this is it. And my mind did not have any hesitation when I had uttered it .. for in an instant it made me feel powerful. I then went about working it out. I moved cities and I first moved into a huge flat .. all italian marble .. a kitchen .. double the size of most bedrooms and I was planning to find a house to finally move into. The interesting part was when I was looking around I had seen a house with a boundary wall that I had liked very very much and I casually commented to my hubby that I would love such a boundary wall for my house. 

I had taken the flat on a year's lease and the year was about to expire and I had not yet found a house I liked enough to buy. I needed a 5 bedroom house and we were seriously house hunting when we went to visit the agent who had given us the apartment. He then asked me .... why have you not come to me for a house .. and it hit us .. that we had actually forgotten to approach him. He told us that he had in mind a house .. which was not on the market .. but if we liked it .. he would speak to the owner for us.  So we took the keys and off we went. I am leaving out a whole year of searching where we saw more houses than I care to remember .. but not even one came remotely close to what I had wanted.

You will have surely guessed by now ... that it was the very same house with the boundary wall that had caught my fancy a year ago and there it was sitting and waiting for me to come home. Needless to say I am still living in that very same house.  And I was made aware of coincidences of life .. for I had a much bigger role to play in the world .. and I would need to use my powerful belief systems and bring them into force and focus .. for I took to heart what Steve Jobs shared in one of his videos. He said that the people who change the world are like square pegs in a round hole ... they never accept failures and they move the world to think like them. 

As goodness is at the base of it all .. I force the world to follow living your life through MasterMind. 

Kindly take heed of my words for I held out so much goodness that I have eliminated a lot of suffering out of life. A change requires a strict adherence to truth. Work is not intermittent but done daily. 

I see the world and see that all is not the way it should be .. 

I cannot be unkind to you and not share my MasterMind .. 

My mind walked me through my book's knowledge and eliminated everything that was not giving off its best results ...  for me .. for my life. 

I took all aspects of my life and straightened it all out ... then I was on my own to write about it all. They were rock solid truths in my life .. so the story is always the same. God gave me everything so how could I deny it to you. 

He planted universal spirit of giving into me and left me to do the job.  

I had wanted a miracle to support me in this present for when I was a nobody I needed rock solid alibis to fall back on to turn people into believers ... and who better than God ... and it is the story of our auras. Another truth unravelled for the world ... clue ... the Higgs-Boson particle although it does exist is not unquestionably the part of us that defines us as god. What does is our auras. Go read the rest of it elsewhere on my site. It is a miracle that I take credit for and do not share with anyone else for upto the time of writing this article .. nobody .. including no scientists .. have unravelled the mystery of the presence of God energy as we are indeed energy beings. Energy is therefore the source of us. Sine die. 

So MasterMind was / is my second big success. Re-creation done on a vastness of scale to encompass the whole world. No judgements in the giving .. no classifications as to worthy / unworthy .. deserving or otherwise. All are part of my loops.

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