I have bought ... my MasterMind
For this book ... I only did give.
I did buy ... my MasterMind
For love in me .. is all I see.

I did write my MasterMind
To share with all .. as I see fit
I AM is me ... my MasterMind 
I do see me end .... in me.

MasterMind now is out in the world
My thoughts with her 
Fly on gossamer wings
They whisper a warning to you 
Of all that I know
Look at these gifts .... of punishments
Given to the self ... from out of the self .. 
And as an insult to knowledge of energy .. by the self  
There are hundreds and hundreds 
Of  true stories for you ????

But I ..... I have got this wonderful feeling
Such a feeling you never did feel
I am .... this wonderful feeling 
I've put it in my new home ... for me.


I shall henceforth put an expansion in every article I write. If you are working with MasterMind ... it will become crystal clear to you.

My mind did teach me that I was God ... my mind shared that I need go nowhere but within my mind to find knowledge for I am the past, present and the future. The ONE existing as the ONE. The present is the most powerful of all .. for I AM here (consciousness). God showed me that in my several births I may have been a man or a woman so they are both me .. cutting across class or creed ... so how may I not be good to the opposite gender. I am both in all lives .. just a litle more of my physical form in this life. 

One day as I was travelling in the car with my hubby at the wheel .. I was playing on my i-pad but my mind was being distracted by spirits - talking rubbish non-stop (it was for me to understand that past spirit may try to waste my time by bringing up suggestions that were not worth emulating. And that caused a lot of irritation in me .. for when I work (read .. think) my focus was being broken again and again.  They represented the devil who spoke sweetly but did not carry sweetness in their actions. They were storing the data created out of my mind to change stored knowledge .. for every minute of the day gear wheels kept moving in all the parts of my body .. storing data for future use when they took birth. They did not want to read my MasterMind and do the work necessary for their success .. but piggy backing off me.  Imagine that .. they were wasting my time for their own good. And my mind was made to gallop .. away from focussing on success as being here in my now ... imagine the nerve.

That's when it hit me .. now .. now .. wait a minute .. if I am God then why am I being made to run .. and I put the brakes on so fast I felt the spirits skid .. then I understood that my power was not being recognized by unsuccessful spirits of the past and they were trying to scuttle it. So I told myself .. I do not need to race to the finish line .. the finish line is where I AM. Everything has always come to me effortlessly so that's the way I wanted to maintain the status quo. 

My mind taught me that to influence the world all I needed was to connect to my soul ... which has been the same me in all my lives .... so needs must be given its due importance for me to fly .. through my mind. Buy MasterMind ... she is soul talk .. the beauty of mind ... make MasterMind the goddess of your life. Connect to your better and higher self .. you .. your soul. Read words of MasterMind to get her to come to you. There is no other "god" for us but our souls ... so there is NO OTHER PATH ... JUST THIS ONE. 

Another lesson .... everyone is separate .. even though we are the same ... when you go to others .. you get their story ... yours is stuck in your head to activate .. my job is to point you in the direction of my story .. after I discovered the methodology to activate mine for my life. We are different but yet the same. Therein lies our uniqueness ... to be one when I give up resistance and love only myself (this creates a spiritual oneness within me) .. to be kind to others by first being kind to myself ... everything begins with the self and moves outwards in ever concentric circles .. throw a stone into water and watch the concentric circles ever expanding till the line where they end and the body of water become one.  I am that stone .. something so hard created out of focus seeks only one result .. and you are the ripples when you choose MasterMind .. for then you have committed to success.

I'd like to share with you that we are all made of the same matter .. carbon. Carbon being living matter vibrates in revolutions to create other materials out of itself. A speed of revolution that defies our understanding .. we simply know it as the speed of sound, light, et all .. is what creates all matter in this world. But only energy creates speeds. I and you are that energy for we are 96% water.  Energy is the electro-magnetic field covering our cells and atoms ... so we are mini hydro-electric plants of energy. When I taught myself to become god .. I AM able to harness that energy  through my own vibrations to create physical manifestations .... of all that I want, desire and have. That is why it is often explained that we are the universe and everything in it.

I watched me build my web as a spider would ... with me in the centre and the ever expanding circles of my home (influence). Now every time I search MasterMind I am amazed to see so many single web pages promoting my book. How would that have been possible if my mind was not God and ... me .. being mind's desire to be good to all. A forced linking that pushes us to goodness . for otherwise as gods we may do each other in ... when we can't have what we want. Witness the wars in the world .. they are by people who do not understand that they are the only gods in our world and can have anything they want through MasterMind without shedding a single drop of blood. Dumb can only get dumber and suffering is the only result. Suffering in no way is godly .... it holds no power. 

Ego on the other hand will force you to be good to yourself ... ensuring that you are forced to be good to others for we all need each other to survive.

My MasterMind and my huge body of work on the subject of the Law of Attraction .. does not follow the beaten path ... it has all been rewritten when I asked God to come to my aid through my mind to  make me the best teacher in the world on the LOA. And my mind complied by connecting me to my everlasting soul ...  saw my goodness of thoughts .. a place where only soul and I may be together and where we judge ourselves .... when I am good I have everything flow to me effortlessly .. with one stroke I have taught millions this lesson for I am happy to state honestly that I have seen millions link to me and my work ... of their own accord ... just their desire asserting itself for their lives .. universal one soul. The master has shared the key but the door was always open.

A sharing of caring that transcends all boundaries of race and creed through the sheer force of goodness for the self. It is goodness for the self that is the motivating force in all godly endeavour ... to make others fit .. or fit in to the huge jigsaw puzzle of life ... by knocking down the fences and borders they place around their own minds to seeing the bigger picture of give and take through trade and commerce. Kings and queens are always the movers and shakers in a game of chess .. it is the mind held high to goodness that will eventually take the world forward. Only goodness knows how to give.

MasterMind was the work I entered this body to complete. Therefore everything was put in place for me to have and though I was aware of myself from a young age .. being naive and trusting .. did not allow me to reach my potential until now .. and I am almost 60 .. that's a lot of years to lead an ordinary life ... despite my potential to be a world leader. Elders, the past .. always try to hold back success .. until I said to myself .. get lost .. I refuse to cow down to you.  Now understand this profound truth ... you as a spiritual being MUST always CHOOSE your purpose in life. Sometimes this message gets lost when other voices take over the running of your life .. but if you latch onto it early .. surely the message will be shared with you ... always for the good of this  ... your life.  

The message when I was writing my book puzzled me a bit but I did cry when I received it. One day while writing .. so deeply involved was my mind in writing ...  I felt the presence of Napoleon Hill and Wallace D.Wattles ... looking over my shoulder as I wrote and telling me ..go on madam we are behind you. It was a surreal moment for I was a bit shy then to place myself with the greats of the LOA even before I had written my book. But the important lesson through it is .. we are one mind .. past .. present and future and we have the ability to tap into all knowledge for it all belongs to god through his/her different bodies. Copyright laws are balderdash at best ... its for small minds .. even mine when I began ... for we eventually have to leave it all behind ... the ownership remains with the soul of god. God only taught me this lesson for my book is a bit of several books which I read and which my mind created ONE out of. I was showed the way out of by the simple fact shared with me .. all things are god .. for god .. by god ... for the good of god. It eliminated any doubts. Of what use is knowledge if it left to rot in old outdated books ?  I do not think that is fair to the now .. the we in this now. So I changed it with one sweep of my pen !

Buy what I have to share  ... for you do not have the wherewithal to learn it all by yourself ... time is always the factor to be kept in mind .. I have given 4 years of my life to this work. If you are happy with mediocrity ... the song of your lips will remain unheard. 

Understand this ... for if you had to grow all your own food .. you'd never have time for anything else .. leave alone eat it. Similarly as you do not have the time to research into soul food .. allow MasterMind to do the work for you without you having to do the spadework of finding the right knowledge that will work to awaken your soul. I am your world and everything in it.


I gave me a home     (the world)
Where I do now roam      (fly)
By the light of the glistening stars 
(the sun has shown me how it bows to my will .. for shining brighter with every truth I speak. A desire in me has made rain fall ... instantly .. a stronger desire .. heavy rain.  God showed me through the falling leaves that every good thought held a gift within it for me .. me as god the creator for my own life .. through nature .. his guide to follow for our world. If I did not understand something in maths and science it was explained to me in the simplest way possible .. as much as I wished to understand).

I stood there amazed and knew as I gazed     (at the sun and the   Your  glory cannot exceed that of ours.                   stars)

I often heard the word  "bending"  associated with the law of attraction and I tried to use it by using it from different angles ...  and I was successful too but for certain things like spirit and soul ... my mind would rebel and I tried hard to beat that out of me ... though I paid with time to learn it correctly .. ultimately ... I would not budge .. I am the proverbial bull .. a taurean ... I did not need to do anything ... for others came to me. I did not bend minds to me ... I could easily have done so .. for I was exposed to knowledge of it ... but I chose the path that was me ..goodness of god ... and everybody came to me. Truth did test me again and again but I must admit that it was as easy as enjoying a bowl of icecream .. a reflex action .. for guess what .. truth and me are one  ... asha .. as a zoroastrian I do like it. The goodness of truth.

Water is energy for god ... do not think wrong thoughts about it .. for as there is always god and water is for god's benefit ... water is the purest ever. As you wish that is what you receive .. do it from the bottom of your hear.

I am 96% water ... my cells and atoms are held together in the electro-magnetic field of energy. So we are mini hydro-electric plants of energy for our own lives. We create through our own energy everything that we require for our own lives ... an alchemy achieved through a recycling of energy to goodness .. or universal giving energy.

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