All of us are born to fulfil a purpose … for me … my purpose is big .. and I took birth in this world to fulfil it … a journey on this earthly astral plane … an earthly identity to do all I wished to do here … to practice my spiritual powers.
I have always been connected to the spirit world … and its important to know that it is the same for all.  My first connection filled me with dread and so much fear .. I could never go out at night on my own for years. I never attended a funeral for years for a dead body filled me with fear .. I have since come to terms with it.  My maternal aunt died when she and I were alone at home one evening. She was only 18 and I was about 6.  This fear then remained in my sub-conscious and it only now that I have fully understood it. But it kept taking a toll until I authored my book MasterMind until I re-analyzed my past experiences and put them in perspective for myself.
I understood my genius when I would not accept a thought or an idea .. even when it was presented to me through a knowledge shared in a book by an authority. Napoleon Hill was an author on the Law of Attraction … but his book Think and Grow Rich is  a tedious book to read .. filled with so much redundance .. that to simply cull out his message is a difficult task. His other book … Outwitting the Devil made me give it up halfway for my mind would not accept any of the ideas shared through its pages. Pray tell me why I would invite the devil into my garden just to throw him out again. For the devil is no person but the collective bad thoughts floating around in the brains of mankind.  That is why it is said .. that thoughts are things … why because they hold the propensity to propagate themselves.
 I always analyse every idea through my own mind .. and then re-express it the way I understood it.  After all I do spend a lot of time doing this … every minute of the day for it has become my way of thinking. Being good intrinsically I did not feel the need to lock up my mind … for as I expected good and wholesome thoughts … I thought that that was what I would receive. Little did I realize .. that it would take more work on my part to sift and sort every new thought that entered my mind … until eureka … it was a battle royal. I am not a violent person … but I began by sticking to good thoughts .. but the bad thoughts would keep on coming back .. so I then threw the sub-conscious out of me. Why .. it kept bringing me back knowledge of the past that had not worked … rather they were not blessings.  So I projected it out of mind and it kept barraging me .. I called them different names depending on the characters they represented to me through their behaviours. The names were son of a pig, wily coyote, dirty dog and my latest       skunk            . So you can well understand how these thoughts have the power to keep harassing you.  It is a harassment for when you do not think of them as bad .. maybe you would implement them .. but guess what .. the harassment stage is finally in the results .. for they are not going to be to your liking .. maybe what you as a good thinking being might expect as your birthright.
So how does one go about changing this reality …. the thoughts of the world that do not work must be made to change.  A massive change towards positivity by me who chose this work for myself .. when I was guided by my mind to do so. There are a few of us who rise to the occasion and find answers to all the questions.  The amazing part of my learning was the unquestionable presence of god and spirit in my life. God .. me .. consciousness .. spenta … goodness /  spirit …. my  past .. angra .. not life. When I was good to spirit I learnt the bitter lesson that one cannot be good to everything. One may be good to goodness only … but hold out a line for bad to correct itself … for each must choose to improve or better themselves.
I did my own bit by creating a universe in myself and walking myself out of non-functionality of things … thereby flipping the universal switch of alchemy …. flipping energy. Energy is never destroyed and that is a redeeming feature of things … it may only change form. It allows the alchemist to work unhindered. For setting right the wrongs hurting man and preventing him from being god is the ultimate … low down tactic.  Would America be in this situation if all americans were able to create a goodly source of income for themselves.  They would leave the government alone on this Obamacare policy .. if they learnt from MasterMind that they never need to fear being sick or ill … for as gods they are a perfect mind creating a perfect body continuously. If only you understood how illnesses came to you in a jiffy … and can leave you in a jiffy too … you would never read another newspaper or watch the news on the telly … for all of it conspires to confuse you and make a hell of your life on this earth.  But there’s a heaven too … those that enjoy a good source of income .. are free from illnesses and lead reasonably happy lives in their relationships.

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