law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


Is this the answer you are searching for ?
Consciousness is us ..... life ...... no beginning and no end ...... the alpha, the omega, the creator of all things for the sheer experience of everything. This answer means this is the reason that tells you how it will be forever and ever. This answer tells you that consciousness is always aware of itself and there never was/is/will be a ‘time’ when you are not aware of yourself. Once this knowledge is shared with you .... it carries on opening itself up to you. It begins with an awareness of something special about you and as your mind seeks ... clues of your identity will begin to appear in front of you. So you do some reading .. and then more knowledge opens up !
This is the answer of all answers, because it is the answer that explains all things forever and ever, and yet God is continually creating new questions and answers, new things to experience as expansion in knowledge is always being created by fertile minds; it is all questions and all answers rolled up together. 

The answer is in the question .... that which asks the question is also the answer. And it is any question and any answer encompassing the past .. present - the now ... or the future.  but there is no time, so the person who asked the question is the answer, and the person who answered the question is the answer…. do you get a little bit of what I am saying? You/we are the questions that you/we are asking, and you/we are the answers, and everything we create and experience is as well. It is referred as the duality of god .. us .. and is the reason we are connected to each other.
This is not as confusing as it sounds for I am trying to express in words something about you which is about the self (you/me/all of us), the answer to every possible question that could be asked by the self…. always a new beginning to every ending everlastingly ... always the self as the answer to every question which could be asked… (by whom?  by the self, of course!).

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