It was God himself who made me see in a thousand different ways ... where are you searching for me ... I am you ... and his unclinching gift of a miracle proving where he is in us .. was his commitment to my work on his behalf. He showed me that he is a giver of big gifts to those to stand true to him and never waver ... for my entire journey was .. here I am ... there I am ... you always see only me ... wherever you look ... there I am ... and then he walked me out of the possibilities of me facing any confusion caused by his other thinking minds .. no spirits must I believe in without an analysis of their gifts ... no sub-conscious either. In fact God is seen only through an alignment to goodness.

I AM MasterMind ... through the words that God did share with me in MasterMind I began a beautiful journey that began in my mind ... it taught me about life .. the good and the not so good .... for that too does exist. I walked the talk and now I AM the guide for my own life. When I began some beautiful and inspiring truths were shared with me ... first it was his ability to accept my positivity and my whole world as a creation of his ... I am proud to state that I sailed through that stage.  The second stage of handling negativity was more time consuming than tough .... most days I would end the day with the thought ... gosh what a beautiful mind you are Roda ... you beat the devil at his own game .... for when I showered concern, pity, and sometimes even love .... the parrot outside would chuckle and laugh ... letting me know that I was just another fool ... who had to yet understand the value of a learning experience. Duality does not exist together at the same time ... its always one or the other.

The best lesson that you will ever be taught when dealing with spirit .... look on every interaction as just an experience ... even though the situations may not be to your liking ... it sometimes takes a while to understand fully God's plan ... its more for passing the time fruitfully ... for when you really try to understand .. I found love within myself   ... and my dedication towards my success. On many occasions I  was  tough ... much as a warrior may be and I gave as good as I got ... but after a while I would realize the futility of fighting .. and dump the devil .... for I never did find him a fitting match for my parlays ... for good is built to win. God is the owner of goodness so my power is built into me.

So why did I go through such a rigorous teaching ? I had this desire to be the best teacher on the Law of Attraction ... to teach people to think for themselves ... to go to the goodness in their minds and activate it for themselves .. to be strictly aligned only to truth and goodness .. for when you don't, you will trip yourself again and again .. you will understand that you are being exposed to lies masquarading as different aspects of human failure ... pity ... sympathy .. these used wrongly can derail lives.

God does exist and his energy is terrificly powerful .... he is truly the giver and taker of lives ... that in a nutshell is the only power you should ever concern yourself with. When you accept that everything is God and that the punishments you receive through the devil is also with God's permission ..... you can change your thoughts in an instant and you will find God as God by your side ... that is the lesson I wish to bless you with.  A punishment can be turned around in a second into a blessing ... for when you are a part of God .. God does not judge himself .... he accepts you .. faults and all as long as there is an underlying goodness and the desire to teach yourself through knowledge of Him.

What totally amazed me and allowed me to feel proud of myself ... was the way I handled God and his duality. I did not fear or believe anything and everything ... I would question and argue .. sometimes till the cows came home ... when I was sure of myself coming from truths that are capable of blessing this generation ... i.e. change old and useless ways to an allowance of a busy and difficult life. For my spirits did share with me ... you hold the universe within you ... in order to change the world ..... chronicle the talk of your journey .... and all the rest will follow. How may I do that ? .... the written word .... it has a power beyond imagination for it conveys a good thought and creates many many more through it. It lingers long after its creator is no more.

I live in India where I write ...but it does not limit the reach of my words to come to you as an inspiration ... God works through goodness only and you will always always receive what you desire as long as you remember to ask God for it.  I have written down every blessing idea to allow it to be the inspiration for your life.

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