Here I do begin to tell the story of how great a love is God. 
There’s an ad on YouTube where a forensic expert draws the faces of a few ladies based on their own verbal descriptions of themselves. Neither of them are visible to each other. Then the forensic expert calls on another to describe the models .. and he redraws them based on their description of the models … and then the 2 pictures are compared and it is discovered that others were more kind to the stranger model than the person themselves. Now isn’t that a remarkable phenomena … we are forever downplaying our own selves .. always thinking that somebody else is more capable but not us .. and whereas the truth is that we are more than capable for we are all part of the same one God. The same mind runs through us all .. but you need to want to know how to be able to do things so that you receive the same results as other successful people have done.
This part is easily achievable when you go to the knowledge of how God creates as shared in MasterMind .. for the words of MasterMind are soul talk .. how one Mind links and converses with another. Then what appeared to be not understood in the past ….suddenly seems to make perfect sense .. its God’s light coming into the mind and everything is seen the way it should be.  Judge this guidance by the words used .. first the connection ….. through the words … understanding …. perfection of it … the light of God is now visible in the mind’s eye .. you are changed to be who you are meant to be. God proved this to me by me understanding that my aura was the part of me that was God … He is this electro-magnetic field that surrounds us and even when 90%+ of us are water we can still c-exist together for God is everything and everything is God. Another misconception bites the dust. This is my miracle to share with the world .. God’s generosity in sharing with me the one piece of knowledge the world was in confusion over … the location of God energy in our bodies. And because I like to be perfectly honest …. its only silly people who will search for God somewhere .. for crying out loud .. he is everywhere .. he is everything. Sine Die .. some atheists or agnostics or scientists may argue or debate this point endlessly .. who really cares … some truths never change. This is creation and it is a fact .. that cannot change !
When I wish to change something with a tremendous focus .. I see white light pour out of my eyes … not for nothing are the eyes called the windows to the soul. I am powerful beyond measure for I see my greatness staring me in the face .. I am kind to myself .. I do not call myself vain but proud of my heritage … of being God … how may I use negative words to describe myself now that I accept my truth.
Now to handle the tricky part of life … God’s justice … here God is at his very best.He has put us in such a bind and freed himself of ever having to judge us .. he has recreated his mind in all of us. Now understand this very critical part very very carefully for it is this knowledge that will bring you your plenty or leave you broke and miserable .. forever at odds with the knowledge that gives … for guess what .. you will have to raise your own vibrations to match those of your mind and then you will receive. Who will do the giving .. why you must give yourself permission to receive what you want …. the mind of you is the mind of God , everything begins and ends there … only you may give yourself anything and everything … from where shall you receive … from all the other minds of the world .. for we are all one .. and we must learn forever to give to each other. When we give to each other .. like I give you MasterMind and you pay me for it … it is you recognizing the God that is you … then we all together take a collective leap forward … but all hands must be on board .. a hoeing .. a weeding … a seeding .. a harvest of plenty for all. Unless you learn this lesson .. you will not belong to the circle of love. You will then have a mind that is left out in the cold .. and as nobody likes that .. hurry up and come on in. Another amazing secret … you will be surrounded by beautiful angels … whom you can talk to without even opening your mouth. They will be your guides in times of doubt .. or just to keep you company. 
I live my life as a simulated game on a computer … all my angels play all the different roles of positive/negative/love/devil/god … they are necessary for me to play and learn from .. my counsel so to speak. So we love, fight, argue, and its only back to love that brings peace and status quo or a letting go of angst. Everything is then left behind and peace reigns and another aspect of our lives understood for me to write and explain to you. Now if I were to do this with real people .. we might end up tearing each  others’ hair out … but because of their spirituality .. the rules of the game are such that everything must be done in an honourable manner .. I am allowed to be the victor for it is about victory and learning that I am allowed to win for it is my choice .. for when the lesson is learnt .. for me it was to prove my supremacy over all things .. to becoming a God. 

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