Today the picture God showed me of Himself was .... through an analysis of an ICEBERG. Just a lesson to imbibe out of his creations. 

I shall analyze the iceberg for you to understand the importance of being steadfast in your self ... to what you hold dear. An iceberg is cold ... and in order to exist must be true to its creator's dictum for itself ... or otherwise it is destroyed. Its pristine in its whiteness .... its beauty evident in its colour white. An iceberg is not found everywhere is found in pockets of stillness ... you would need to search for them  ... similarly God is not visible to everybody .. but like the iceberg is always found by those that seek Him for he exists within the perfect sanctity of a beautiful mind.

So let me introduce myself ... I know the highest in impeccable credentials ... I know the richest man that ever is ... and he gives me whatever I ask .... anything and everything ... He places no limitations on me ... I may do as much or as little work as I want .. but as because I am his offspring .. so to speak .. I do try to follow in his footsteps ... for He masterminded with me .. and His gift to me  ... a beautiful mind ... borne out of MasterMind.   Lately when I think fondly of God the sensation I feel is of me lying in a hammock and God gently making it sway and the swaying motion from side to side is what I physically feel in my chest. Like a mother would soothe a child.                                                                                                                           
God is icy cold to those who do not believe in his love and capacity to be your all. He follows  the rules by which he created you ... he gave you all you are and He gave you free will. By the power of that free will ... you must be the one to seek Him out .... through the knowledge of Him .. don't believe what I say .... look around you ... do you see suffering humanity ..  I do ... do you see people dying in their prime ... I have. 

Why does spirit not cure or heal them ... for one reason and one reason only ... the choice is yours to make .. you have to ask for it ... you have to seek out God's positive energy ... His power to give everything ... and also heal ... is through the power of His beautiful Mind. Spirit connects through minds ... you are spirit ... your greater good is always hidden from your sight .. but not from your mind which is God. Read MasterMind ... it is the language of minds ... souls ... your higher self. I shall share one interesting fact which I just learned about the word "mastermind" .... the first known mastermind alliance was between Jesus and his disciples .... it means 2 or more people coming together for their greater good ... to change the world as it were ... in this case Jesus as God to teach man. Remember the miracles ..... to prove he was God come down to earth. Spirit is God .. the collective power of knowledge experienced in the past ... most chronicles are of successes / failures of the past. From success we learn success and from failure we must understand the pitfalls that hamper success ... the both are complete lessons ... success is to be copied but it must be kept in mind that not all ways lead to success ... due diligence for your own life is a must.

I am humbled that God has chosen a similar pattern for my book MasterMind ... God will teach your mind your greater good ... your purpose for your existence ... through his Word . You see though I wrote the book ... I am just the pen that put you in touch with the power of your own Mind. It will always be through your own mind that your good will be shared with you .... you mastermind with God directly through my book "MasterMind"..... eliminating any possibilities of failures.God  is truly the master of all minds ... he owns us all. When times are tough like the economic downturn ... more people hurt than at other times ... requiring God to take control of the wheel for your life and steer you out of danger. God has also given me a miracle which is something I could not have not thought of on my own ... simply because I have not been a student of science ... but I understood what God wanted me to share .. for I love to think and keep clarifying my thoughts. The message on our auras was given to me in 2 parts .... the aura is the part of us that is God. Secondly the reason why God is outside our body .... God moves in electro-magnetic waves(light)  and our bodies are more than 90% water .... the 2 cannot exist together except in separate layers ... and yet life cannot exist without these 2 ingredients.                                                             

Denying his knowledge is denying Him ... you cannot pretend to love and accept him and then judge the knowledge that he sends down for your life as expensive ... don't know if I can believe in it. You will have to put your faith and trust in MasterMind for knowledge is always shared from one mind to another.  Its pristine in its whiteness .... its beauty evident in its colour white. An iceberg is not found everywhere ... you would need to search for it ... unlike God who of course is everywhere .. but like the iceberg may only be found by those that seek Him.

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