My Miracle from God

Everything we see in our world is created by God and yet man has been searching relentlessly from the time that man started thinking … unclinching proof of something within us which would point to God … our Creator .. within us .. like the Higgs-Boson particle. Everybody expects God to be present somewhere within us … but God is not within us. I was doing a little research for an article to write in this issue. I flipped open this big book that I have on the schnoom (esoteric .. also referred to as spiritual magic)  knowledge and it opened to auras. As it was a big article I took the book out into the garden to sit and read. I was skipping through the article .. relaxed and really not focussing. I was looking around randomly .. and my eyes fell on the newspaper on the chair beside me. The word Higgs-Boson caught my eye and there was apparently another particle being discovered. I often question Mazda and seek direct answers from him and just then too I innocently queried Him. I told him how much I wanted to be famous … unquestioningly so … and maybe if He told me the truth of where He could be found .. then I would share the knowledge with the world … and the world would have to accept it as the truth for all knowledge hitherto unknown opened itself up to man through a sharing of it by God. All scientists including Einstein have claimed to have received a helping hand from God.
Instantly I felt a huge vibration and in a flash Mazda gave me the answer. I had barely finished thinking the thought … my mind was still hazy and in a dream-like place, but I sat bolt upright as the answer flowed into me. It said look at the book you hold in your hand … in it is the answer … I am your aura … I do not exist in your body …. but around it. And it all made perfect sense to me .. for our aura is the electro-magnetic field surrounding the body. It is egg-shaped and is the spiritual part attached to our body during our entire life-time. Put simply our aura is God … our life-force.
Its magical … amazing … truly so simple .. visible to those who seek its knowledge … and understood by those who take the time to study it. We are all aware that God is pure energy and electricity is one conduit of energy. Do you know that your body as you understand it i.e. solid .. is really a mass of floating cells .. thrown into shape and visible to you as solid simply because it is cradled in the aural magnetic energy field of God from the outside. So do ask this question .. why does God need to do that … your cells are free flowing .. an energy too like God. The answer is simple too … we are spirits .. wholly and completely .. but not yet complete spirit .. so there is something needed to shape us into the human form that we see ourselves in. This is where the aura comes into its own .. for it is what keeps you together. You are in an embrionotic stage and most people don’t even have a clue as to who or what they really are.
My power as an awakened spiritual being has been clearly seen by me when I was successful in throwing my angels within me into shape or form of my own choosing i.e. all the birds and animals around my home through whom God first communicated with me showing me my powers.
As an infinitesimal part of our Creator Ahura Mazda .. we possess a bit of his splendour (Rae) and Glory (Halo). In fact the word aura comes from  ”Ă„hura”
or “divine light”. Your aura is unique .. it expresses a moment by moment energy reflection of what you are .. no more .. no less. It is made up of waves of dynamic energy that have beauty of colour, movement and and flow. Every thought, feeling or emotion that you have is recorded in an ever changing pattern that surrounds you. It is so powerful that people are known to react to it.
As our Mazdayasni religion was one of the first in this world … there is so much raw knowledge capable of taking us into another dimension of existence. Most people view the earth through the holography of the 3rd dimension … whereas superior beings are now talking of an existing 5th dimension. Our schnoom knowledge is our birthright and while many may not have heard or understood it much earlier .. it is now time to do a little tucking of the same into our brain cells .. to open up a more powerful world for yourself .. where your every request comes flowing into your life as a gift.
Picture yourself at the Mad Hatter and the March Hare’s tea party … where every empty cup .. only ever required a refilling .. an end and a new beginning .. synchronistically together always ….  just a different way of thinking.
I am always humbled that Ahura Mazda creates opportunities for me to be able to share his knowledge with people around me … it is his generosity to always share with those that seek Him. He is saying .. come into me (knowledge) … I am the world and everything in it.

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