When such a tragedy occurs ….. there is no time for a blame game … finding the real reason will not bring back all the victims … what we must focus on is the real reason why this boy was forced to do what he did.
Some kids are very strong mentally and can cope with all vicissitudes or at best bumble along as best they can … that is called being able to cope … but do understand that this is just a survival mode … this is not how life is meant to be lived  ….. life must first contain love …. beginning with the family …. then extending out into ever growing circles …taking in as many as possible into its fold … some in tolerance … some with compassion …. but intrinsically trying to be good to all who cross our path albeit for just a fleeting moment in time  … leaving them with the feeling of self worth .. of a compassion shared by small talk … leaving them feeling good of humanity at large … helping them belong to this one big gigantic human family that we are.
For you are then telling the world at large …. I do love you at some level …. maybe because I tolerate you … I respect you at some level … I put up with your idiosyncracies … but there is a bond … however tenable it may seem. Most times it alone is what keeps lives full of hope and happiness.
I can feel for Adam Lanza … how bereft of any love must he have felt …. for he did kill the one person on whom he must have sought love from .. or was closest to.  The mother child bond is sacred and for Adam to have had no other recourse in his life but to do what he did … does speak of a mind that was literally pushed into a corner ….. and not loved. Dig deep into any or all psychological problems and the only answer is an absence of love. Only an absence of love allows you to go deeply negative …… under such circumstances … where there is no love in your physical environment … where does a person turn … the answer is toward God …. for when you understand that his love is yours unconditionally … you may be hurt by the world … but you have a safety net … that keeps you safe … God’s love protects you and he shows you a way out of your dilemma. God will guide you and show  you that most times it is an overactive imagination that makes us pit the world against us … and we can find no good … for we seek no good … that means we imagine that everybody and everything is against us and we keep justifying it to ourselves. Let me stop here for in everything there are layers … sometimes negativity is skin deep and sometimes it is hidden in many layers and then extremes happen.
Rest in peace Adam Lanza …wherever you are … you have paid the ultimate price of yourself … a life cut short before its prime.
Parents …. be good to your children … be compassionate .. be caring and most of all … be there.

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