To succeed at anything and everything one must understand the basic premises or rules under which they are governed. Success is what I am focusing on today. There may be some of you who are coming face to face with the secrets of the Law of Attraction maybe for the first time ... some of you may have vaguely heard of it ... and some may have tried it and not been successful.Some are already successful with it but like to keep in the loop of it ... kinda like reinforcing done for an already strong structure. MasterMind will work for all.

Success comes when you understand the Laws that govern our world and use them to your full advantage. Now I have always maintained that in order to succeed with MasterMind one must read the book again and again in little little bits at a time. Let me enumerate why :

1) Reading a page at a time of something new ... gives you only a surface glimpse of the knowledge hidden between the lines. Reading it again and again ... your mind understands it a bit better and begins to find links to it in your everyday life. Reading it again allows you to remember the page in synopsis for easy recall. 

Reading the page again opens up a para in its full glory ... allowing you a further glimpse into its knowledge juxtaposed to your world. Having read the page 4/5 times almost commits it to memory. That is what hynopsis is all about .. changing your stored memory to a newer and better working one.

Is that not what self-hypnosis all about ... is that not what learning in school all about ?? Learning by rote or reading a book many times commits it to your memory. So why is committing things to memory important ?

2)  Committing important knowledge to memory is essential for the simple reason that your stored memory is basically your sub-conscious ... the part of you that is protective in nature so when you store the right knowledge it allows you to make the right decisions for your self an x number of times ... getting it right all of the time. Now if you were to try to figure out what is your stored reactions to so many things ... it would take you forever to analyse and come to the right conclusion unless you had something to compare it to. How do you know that what you believe on say any given number of topics is what has the potential to bless you ... i.e. bring you good results. You don't. Period. The easiest way is then to use principles and practices found in working laws for our world set in motion from the beginning of time ... and they have been working for years ... so they are tried and tested. Simply follow them for your life and watch it work its magic. 

This is a form of self-hypnosis ... where because you understand the importance of this knowledge for your life give it permission to stay inside of you to bless you. So what is right knowledge .... it is your right to live with Laws that are beneficial for you. Everything in God's world is run with rules and guidelines ... we know that for we see that in the orderliness of our world and nature ... how precise the laws are. The sun, stars, nature all bow to his greater wisdom. 

3) The law of attraction too is one of God's laws ... if it chooses you .. you would be committing a grave error in overlooking it. If for some reason you doubt the veracity of my tall claims .. do so with an open mind .. tell yourself ... let me see for myself if all the claims made by Roda for MasterMind are true. All that is expected of me is reading a book ... and I certainly don't like being left out of anything good coming my way
Lastly I ain't going nowhere ... I have been here for the past 2 years and this is the work I love and enjoy doing. I have put up hundreds of articles for you to keep reading when the mood takes you .. they are for you .. just as much as they worked for me when I learnt from my own book MasterMind.

Do send me your feedback ... or ask for a clarification if something is not immediately understood by you ... though that would be difficult for when you connect to MasterMind .. you are connecting to God via your mind and he knows how to open the floodgates for your life. It is so easy to share your burdens with God for he understands us in our inner most .. for He is us.There always will be enough and more for everybody ... for how may God deny himself of his own creations. Go in peace ...

Wishing you tons and tons of happiness in the New Year and for all the years to come.

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