English is one of the most amazing of languages .... one word has several connotations to it. Today I want to analyze the word MasterMind.  MasterMind is a mental partnership between two or more like minded people .... its a mental synergy ... so lets break down synergy ... it is two or more like minds coming together to create .... create what .... anything you want is the answer. So let us assume that the YOU .... reading this .... wishes to learn the nuts and bolts of creation. One way is by observation .... well if you are really really young and you have Mr. Time on your side ... go ahead follow that path. But it will entail you finding the correct person to observe .... you may need to move on from one to another ... till you find who you are seeking. Result Mr. Time is no longer a friend .... years have gone by in such a searching. It may also turn out that the person you select does not have what you are seeking ..... if you are persistent ... you will begin again. Now Mr. Time is definitely not on your side .... you find you are old and there is precious little time to enjoy what you really came down on this earth for .... to blossom .. to becoming better at being your own creator. Ah now ... I come to the most important message for YOU re MASTERMIND. But wait .. let me complete the picture here itself.

I am sharing with you the one sure way to MasterMind .... do it the way I did ... MasterMind with God (YOUR 6TH SENSE)... for He alone has all the answers for your life ... everything else is by trial and error. 

When I received my book through my 6th sense .... it was me at one level ... the language is all mine ... its my style of writing ..... and yet ... I had just followed the path OUR CREATOR was opening up for me a little at a time and soon I had become its author. And I wanted to give it a title .... so this word presented itself to me as one of the options ... for MasterMind is a tribute to its creator .. GOD. He is truly the owner or master of Minds for all knowledge is his. So now you also get to understand ....  pride .... that comes of a possession .... of your mind ....your mind is ephemeral ... and cannot be quantified ....can you count the number of ideas that you will receive through it daily as workable ventures to enter into .....no you cannot .. for they keep on coming ...  simply because they are infinite ... there are no limitations you may place on them .... they are yours in all their myriad shapes ..... firstly the gifts of your mind ... for through them come others ... in line ... one after the other. It is perfection .... in no competition with anyone and anything .... it is perfect for itself. They become your creations ... your creations of your own mind ... the part of you that is God sublime and you will never go wrong when you place your complete faith with it.

God  helped me create the book even when I did not understand the Law of Attraction ... allowing the knowledge to open up to me .... as I began teaching myself from my own book. Can you imagine that ... the sheer beauty of it. So in effect I did MasterMind with somebody to create my wealth ... only it was God himself .. who assisted me when I sought it .... and also through this one gift blessed all of humanity with it. For it would seem that my dream ... will keep multiplying in other minds through the power of a perfect message sent down by God himself. 

MasterMind is beautifully written and contains therapeutic love ... healing you of anything standing in your way to your success.

 Today I understand why this is the way it is ... it allowed me to understand my book so well that .... as a teacher I would have all the knowledge I would need ...right at my fingertips. And it is so .... for writing on the Law .... on any aspect of it is super duper easy ... the knowledge works that way with me ... for I am very fiercely protective of my ability and desire to help others through my writing. I am self empowered .... I do not need anything another person owns or has ... for if it is something I want ... it comes to me. I understand my powers of creation. This is also a direct message to you ... so follow these footprints no matter what you do ... it need not be writing for you.
I tend to be a bit childish in my thinking .... so I often picture myself as a beautiful transparent white fairy with a magic wand in my hand ... my fairy has a name too ... TinkerBell ... and I am usually perched high in the branches of a tree ... and as I watch the parade of non-believers ... passing down below ... I am perturbed that they cannot see their own good staring them in the face... so I decide to  use my powers of magic to hasten it all .... I simply use my magic fairy dust and shower it on their heads when they pass by .... and I am relieved ... knowing that I have made a creator of a non-believer .... even when they did not understand my magical powers.  Magic when put to its correct use ... helps to get things done. 

MasterMind allows your  mind to blossom to its potential.  God is mind .. so in effect you will awaken God within you (this is called authenticating your "I AM") ... with God's support on your side ... comes an absence of doubts .. fears ... and all of that ilk.  We all need somebody dependable to place our trust in.

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