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The door to the temple of wisdom is one of the ways to acquire riches. It is also called your sixth sense through which Infinite Intelligence(God) will and does communicate voluntarily with a person. Your sixth sense is that part of your sub-conscious mind which is referred to as your creative imagination, your psychic ability, etc. It may be likened to a receiving set through which thoughts, ideas, and plans flash into your mind.You may also call them inspirations or hunches. Let me explain here that this information or knowledge has been around since the world has been around but it has been kept hidden by the few who knew about its existence for it has the potential to free humanity from ever experiencing a lack in any aspect of their lives. By placing the knowledge here I am freeing it for you to use and benefit from.This knowledge if taught to children in school has the potential to eliminate all the problems currently suffered by man.  

Your sixth sense is not something that may be easily explained to anybody not having previous knowledge or experience of the same ...but all of us do possess it... what you need is to learn to activate it for yourself...for it is your 6th sense that you will learn to activate through reading MasterMind and that it is so easily achieved with a little meditation and mind development from within.
It is a mixture of mental and spiritual growth and it is the ONE TRUE WAY chosen by Infinite Intelligence to communicate with finite human mind. It is the point when a human mind makes contact with Universal Mind.
When you achieve this state of mental development you will become privy to the amazing knowledge that through your sixth sense you will become aware of impending dangers and be protected from the same. You will also be notified of opportunities in time to embrace them.
With the development of your sixth sense there will come to your aid a guardian angel  IN MY CASE THEY ARE BIRDS BECAUSE THAT IS HOW I ASKED GOD TO COMMUNICATE WITH ME ..... who will open to you at all times the doors to the temple of wisdom.

To either a non-believer or a believer of the fact that Nature is governed by precise Laws and Nature never deviates from her established laws....there is an explanation.

Some of Nature's laws are somewhat difficult to understand ... that you will feel oh my God there's so much more than I can even begin to contemplate .... you are simply left in awe as to the depth of everthing and lost in a veritable sea of options ..... so much so that they produce what may be termed as a miracle. The sixth sense comes as near to being termed a miracle as anything I have experienced and it appears so because there are no logical explanations for feelings ... you simply accept the method by which this principle actually operates. What humbles me is when I loved God earlier I did it as most people do ...through prayers ... but to me what made me feel better is continuous conversations with God .. for he is always a thought away from me.

This much is definitely known to me (as I have experienced through the way my body vibrates when I am involved in my writing) that there is a power or an Intelligence which permeates every atom of matter that governs why things remain in their proper place and work in relationship to the other. You may be able to induce this Intelligence to come to your aid in making your desires reach concrete or material form through MasterMind for MasterMind is a gift from God for mankind. 

For that you need to leave your skepticism behind you and prepare to accept the claims made by me as factual. An element of faith cultivated by trying to imitate those you admire will heighten your capacity to do so successfully. 

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