My journey with MasterMind has from time to time overwhelmed me so that sometimes ... I feel the need to literally take a step back and understand the tremendous power I have been given. Lately when I converse with myself I find I influence weather changes dramatically in the instant moment with my thoughts. On a cloudy morning ( I generally wake up about 8.30/9.00 am in the morning) as I am brushing my teeth and random thoughts are going through my mind ... I am still watching myself in the large mirror in front of me which has a clear view of the window behind. I have often thought it very  confusing to see the sun come out brightly and then not be seen .. and it seemed the action was linked to my thoughts for that is what I thought but in my humbleness I really assumed it to be a flight of my fancy. The same is true with the rain and I seem to be able to control the rain at will too. I may be thinking something .. it generally is a very powerful thought on some type of goodness and the underlying second thought is it is going to rain ... for I have linked receiving abundance's sign for myself  as the earth being blessed with rain ...and barely the thought is there and the rain falls. Can you believe how powerful that makes you feel. You see it works for no other reason that there is a very positive desire in me to be able to see goodness everywhere. I never assumed these powers for myself  and I am always hesitant to sound boastful but I see no other way of sharing this information to empower you with the limitless possibilities that we as spiritual beings are blessed with.

So this morning at about 12 noon I had to visit the bank for some work related to the inner wheel (the ladies wing of the rotary) as I am its treasurer ... and as I sat in the car with my husband driving it began to pour suddenly and to me it seemed related to my thoughts. My husband kept commenting how suddenly it had poured and that it had not looked as if it would rain immediately ...and I was hesitant to take credit for it .. thinking to myself .. now Roda you are getting too big for your boots ... and so I put it behind me.
But just a while back I was reading the post of another person who was sharing the very same thing on his website. He claimed that spiritual masters down the years have been doing so and that it really was just the way it is. 

Its amazing that in the last few weeks whatever problem confronted me I am able to leave it behind in an instant, using the power of my own mind. A few days ago I had the beginnings of a cold coming on and it has gotten quite nasty for me in previous years but this year .. all I did was deny it when my cook started to tell me .. madam you have a cold coming on. I replied not an all ... you are confused and in my mind I said to myself no cold is ever going to bother you .. its already gone and so it was ... in that instant.

These days the words sage and seer keep coming up as options on  the bookworm game on my i-pad and while I don't know that I want such titles for myself (they are too restricting and I want to live a normal everyday life for myself).. I am being guided to think a bit like that ... and that is ever so easy for me for innately I come from goodness.I truly want to gift you all the best of life through my MasterMind ... for that is my desire for myself ... I am simply extending that desire to include you in its fold ... why ... for in helping you lies my success too.

To be able to visualise a differnet reality to what is actually the present takes super mind control for something negative has already made its appearance into reality and yet I have taught myself to deny its very existence ...thus depriving it of taking control of my life and ordering me around. Instead I am ordering it around and it responds to my commands. If I don't want it .. its gone.


go watch this video to understand nature and goodness

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