It was brought home to me quite categorically this morning of 29th June 2012 that everything has a purpose. Through my conversations with the angels I understood that all that God has created .. perfection, imperfection has their place in our lives. When I have bad thoughts, some birds just go on and on and it irritates the life out of me and then I had to admit to myself that I deserved that for I was going on and on myself and I needed to see how irritating that was to hear. A lesson that I definitely did not enjoy learning but learn it I did, nevertheless, when it dawned on me that it was me they were imitating. So even the "not so good"  of our world does have a definite purpose ... it is to teach you in no uncertain terms ... ahha .. not in that direction .. now you know what lies there. Proceed to your peril.

Judgement when restricted to your own self is fine for it is virtually impossible to judge another correctly ... for just when you decide to wrongly judge someone they will go out of their way to prove you wrong and you will have to eat humble pie. Our moods play a big role in the way we tend to interact with others. The angels showed me that when I changed my thinking the same birds that were mocking me then have now changed their tone and were sweetness personified and then the brahmini kite and other smaller birds whom I have not seen will tell me ok now you have understood and learnt your lesson.

And this goes on daily ...with different situations coming into focus. And you will simply not believe me when I tell you this part of the story ... when I try to recap my thoughts in my head and ask God so this is like this and this should be like that ... he will only echo his agreement to positive words ... for example if I were to ask ... God so this is bad .... he will echo his agreement only with positive words ... the minute I say bad ... there will be a silence for that word ... and at first this left me a bit confused ... for I had earlier told God that sometimes when you are silent .. that means assent and that we are both in agreement with what I just spoke. So it puzzled me as to why ... suddenly mid sentence ...he would become silent and would not echo my certain words. 

Having told God earlier ... how to react to me ... he  had naturally followed that order so as not to confuse me ... and yet I did get confused.... I always say that God is only positive emotion ... so naturally when I used the word bad .. he did not echo my words ....and then the absolute truth of the matter dawned on me just as I write this ..... God is the sum of all his parts ... which means that the part of God that will react to me is within me and nowhere else. God is never outside of us ... for if he were ...we'd be dead. God is life .. the life force in us and under no circumstances can we ever fail at anything when we learn this important part of our lives.

So when you take in this very important information that I have just shared with you and sit and mull on it ... you will realise that your body is home for God and you are king of your castle ... i.e. you are God ...all be it a small part of him ... for the total of God is everybody, everything ... and we are certainly not that ... but do take pride in that you are the creation that is allowed to understand and be more and more like him. Now the cycle of evolution does make more sense to me.

We have evolved as a species into a higher realm of understanding ... the only thing you need to understand in this world to improve your life to whatever level you want it to be  .. is your relationship to God. Everthing else is infructuous and not absolutely necessary. For with this understanding you keep moving higher and higher in your thinking which in turn opens all doors for you to receive things effortlessly ... money, happiness, a good life, anything that is your personal desire .. for you will be fulfilling God's purpose for you in this world.God did create this world to be a home for him ... so do mull on this ... before you spout theories of the earth being destroyed and not fit for humans ... remember as God you have the power to collectively bring about the destruction of the earth with your misguided thinking .. so think wisely ... that is why you were created as a human ... and not any other creature. 

Share this with everybody you know and awaken them to their destiny. You are duty bound to do so.

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