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MasterMind by Roda Langrana


Dear reader of my book,

I wish to share with you(as the benefitter)some aspects of the birth of MasterMind. A word to cheer you up ...when you believe in it 100% ...creation is effortless. This was my experience.

My mind had been in a turmoil....there were so many things I had wanted to do....not later.... but right away. My list of requirements were long and I just cannot wait. In fact I see no reason to I thought to myself this is something that I have  wanted to do very badly ...surely,it must be done right away...why procrastinate.

So I was in a hurry get started. But the amount of money I want is in the millions !! When I asked God how may I go about achieving all that I want ... HE answered instantly .... HE put into my lap a number of books, one after the other. They only whetted my desire to learn more ..... and then I came across a few more books but I had barely read a few chapters from these books....when the muse hit me and I began to write. And this one reason alone is what makes MasterMind a one in a million book - it contains the best and most important knowledge from all the books I have read and yet is only a tiny 124 page book. 

Now I understood that whatever it is I may desire... will always be given to me through a creative source (in this case my book), through the normal channels of trade and commerce (my book sales). It will always be through something you are good at doing ... for that will bring your success to you that much faster and make the work fun and enjoyable too. Remember everybody has been given a talent to excel at ... are you going to give yours a try ?

Whenever I had a doubt I was instantly provided my answer through my computer, i.e. the answer presented itself to me either through the mouth of another or some written source.
The whole experience was energising, amazing and mind-boggling to say the least.I have got a new lease of life at 55+.  Channels began to open to me, there was nothing I may not have because all I have to do is ask with a clean heart ....even today.

I was hesitant to share all this at first.....just in case it sounded boastful and I was not sure how many would believe me. The people around me were  sceptical earlier and that for a while had made me say nothing (but they have all come around now). I realised that my success was the inspiration I wished to leave you with to go and begin your own success.

I feel that I would be letting myself and my beautiful gift down....... if I did not share. You see this is just the way it is meant to be ... for I realised that to empower another .. I needed to open up and stop hiding my light. I wish with all my heart to be able to convince you that one of the reasons I am allowing my light to shine is so that you too embrace it and allow yourself to shine.Another very important reason is to see my dream become a reality quickly so that I can finally get to do all the lovely things I have been planning for myself. The list is really long and I am going to have a lot of fun doing them all.  

This little guiding light of mine ... I wish to give to you dear. I feel so gooood, so blessed that I feel ... this is truly so magical .. this connection I have with God through his angels who are by my side 24/7. To tell you the truth ... I was no longer able to hide my light for it has always been so strong within me that it finally burst out. 
When I have been given a talent with words and I use it wisely to help all of you ... it is just the way it is meant to be used ... to help bless a lot of people and my desire is to help millions of people for I cannot bear to think of anybody hurting or suffering. The thought that comes to my mind is ... I wish he/she had my MasterMind to make their life easier. I have been observing my MasterMind's power for the last couple of years through its limitless possibilities and I am humbled and proud and so terribly grateful to be the person chosen by God to share his message to you.

I work very very hard every single day to empower others ... you could call it my labour of love as I have already received the many gifts through MasterMind so I know of its power ....however you need to  understand that it is your turn .. you are now the beneficiary ... for MasterMind is now all about you.

When I had worried initially ...... will my readers believe me that I speak the truth through my book? .... I was made to experience each belief I wrote about and realise for myself that yes it does work ... so I put myself through so many  experiences just because I wished to understand them so that I could write about it all. I have packed a lifetime of experiences in the few months that my book has been in print yo-yoing emotionally throughout the minute I'm up and another I'm down. One minute I'm as happy as a lark, the next I'm down in the dumps all because I wanted to be sure that I was speaking the truth.

For me because the book came so quickly ...I went through it all in reverse. Most people have experiences and then they write about them...but for me the book came first and then the experiences. It was more like after I wrote it...I was the first reader of my book. Gosh what all I put myself through just because I am a perfectionist.
My advise to all of me...what I have shared in my book is for you and you only. You see the uniqueness of MasterMind is this your life is special and different from another's you need to be able to connect to God one on one through your thoughts .. to be able to converse with him and have your problems addressed. Believe it with complete faith and when you reach a stage when you feel calm, peaceful and serendipitous .. then do write to me and let me know. I might just turn around and tell you ... I did tell you so  & that's why you do believe.

I have nurtured my book just like a baby
# I first brought it into this world
# Then I dressed it in the best clothes possible
# Then I clung to it like a doting mother ...only allowing it to take baby steps into the world
#  Its all grown up now and I have sent it out into the world to help you seek your fortune !!!


Owning it will simplify your life ....bring you the beauty of life !
Whatever problems you may have had before ..... will walk out of the same door that brings MasterMind into your life.

You will live a life .....happily ever after .. truly like in a fairytale). What more can you want !!

I want to leave you with another truly empowering piece of information .... whatever you do in your life ...likewise I in mine ... the final equation is only between God and the individual and he will make his decisions on what he sees. He rewards each according to his assessment of their endeavours. That is why you need never worry whether it is possible for you to see success ... for God loves each one of his creations with a fiercely protecting love.... how does that make you feel ? I know the feeling.

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