"I Dreamed A Dream"                 http://youtu.be/RxPZh4AnWyk

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high and life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving

Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung, no wine untasted

But the tigers come at night
With their voices soft as thunder
As they tear your hope apart
As they turn your dreams to shame

And still I dream he'd come to me
That we would live our lives together
But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather

                                   I had a dream my life would be 

                                   So different from this hell I'm living 
                                   So different now from what it seemed 
                                    Now life has killed the dream I dreamed

This is what Susan Boyle sang at the age of 47 on Britain's got talent and look where she is now. She did not allow anything to stand in her way and went from where she was to where she wanted to be in one quantum jump. These are the inspirations we must take to heart when we want to create our own dreams. AND NO ... LIFE DID NOT KILL THE DREAM SHE DREAMED.

The power of your own belief in yourself is so so huge that you can literally get things to come to you ... like this morning ... I was on one of my verandahs and looking admiringly at the huge pink and yellow flower trees close by and I thought ... vow isn't that gorgeous .. so much beauty all in one place ... and I thought it would be fun to see all these trees dance and have fun too .. and you must believe me that nature heard me and all of a sudden the trees swayed and danced even though there was no breeze blowing presently. And as I turned my head whichever tree I looked at swayed and danced and I thought to myself .. how powerful is that ... in effect God made me see that what I write is true and because I come from truth I could make the trees sway with my thoughts. I share this with you so I can inspire "you' to bring  the same beauty into your life.....that I have in my own life.

As they sang in Lion King - Hakuna Matata ... what a wonderful phrase
                                              Hakuna Matata ... ain't no passing craze
                                              It means no worries for the rest of your days
                                              Its your problem free ... philosopheeeee
                                              Hakuna Matata .... Hakuna Matata.

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