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You choose in every day .. to either live in a world filled with "problems" or wake to each new day filled with "unseen solutions" as in ..  through my MasterMind ... eagerly waiting for you to find them. 
Both sides exist and the decision is now yours so choose the one which helps you create your solutions."




I wrote my book MasterMind as a highly positive book because I felt that that was the emotion one needs to be in and yes that is true of our lives – we are in a constant battle to reach this state and while I, who have researched this subject and understand it intrinsically.. it does not stand to reason that everybody has this knowledge. So it became more and more clear to me that I needed to complete the picture and write on negativity for everything in nature exists as a pair. Everytime I have spoken of positivity either through my writing or to friends and family I could see, judging by the reactions I received, that they really did not comprehend. You cannot have positivity unless you understand its opposite state “negativity”. So it became imperative for me to cover the topic of negativity in detail to clear all doubts on how the Law of Attraction works.

Positivity and negativity while being two opposite states of existence are fuelled by only one thing and that is our thoughts. Just as positivity leads to a blissful life free from worries and I say this from my own personal experience I will also state that negative thinking....classified as fears ( worries,anxieties,doubts,indecisions, insecurities) prevent you from achieving all that you desire in your life. A case in point – you may be very wealthy but if you suffer from fears about health… those doubts will prevent you from  leading the happy and healthy life that would be your prerogative as a person who has the wherewithal to “buy” anything you may desire. Health is not something you can buy with money for expensive medicines are not the answer to achieving health. Good health is …..but a state of mind .


The Law of Opposites works like every other Law, i.e. it is precise, concise and works on the same principles every single time. This Law works on the premise of pairs. You cannot have the one state without the other or more precisely  the absence of the other. When one is in a positive state of mind..... it is because of the absence of negatives. Remember yin/yang, strong/weak, positive/negative. Now why am I talking about this here.
I wish to explain the concept of positivity/negativity. In order to reach positivity you have to realise that you are allowed to be negative sometimes.... and that … it is not such a bad thing as it is made out to be by some. You can never be positive always. Firstly it is impossible to be so and secondly you are then in limbo. Its like saying that you have become complacent ... but the bottom line is you are going nowhere, no progress…… as complacency is status quo.  But when you understand how  the two work in tandem (pos/neg) you will be able to zero in and realise just where you are – i.e. in a negative state. You then must change your thought patterns to eliminate the same (which is basically…a bad thought). A BAD THOUGHT PER SE IS NOT HARMFUL BUT WHEN IT BECOMES OBSESSIVE AND FULL OF FEARS .... IT CREATES DOUBTS ... WHICH IN TURN BECOME THE FUEL FOR MORE FEARS ..... AND SO THERE YOU HAVE IT IN A NUTSHELL ... THE REASONS WHY THE WORLD IS FULL OF PEOPLE WITH ILLNESSES, DEATH, DISEASE ... IN FACT ALL THE ILLS THAT PLAGUE OUR WORLD.

Eliminating NEGATIVITY creates a vacuum. Man being a thinking being that vacuum will immediately be filled up with another thought. It does not follow that that vacuum will be filled up by a positive thought. It may well be another negative thought which means that we are still in that negative state which we must train our minds to recognise, so that we can eliminate it. I say this because it is we who make the choices vis-a-vis our thoughts. Absence of negativity (which means that it exists but is not visible presently) allows positivity to enter.
Remember one very important fact – the thoughts you think constantly are governed by your conscious mind but their interpretations are governed by your sub-conscious mind. So you must realise that it is years of programming (refers to situations you are exposed to while growing up which decide how you may view things) some of it very faulty which then governs our reactions .
You need to stop, think, and recognise where you are going wrong and make the necessary changes with your thinking. It will force you to relook at any given situation from a fresh perspective and break out of old and wrongly held thinking patterns. When you achieve this – you will have become successful at the game of life !

Now I come to the interesting part of what I started out to explain but which I  have not touched on till now. Some of the popular sayings which we have grown up listening contain seeds of negativity in them. But they have their opposites and when you hear one without the other you are left in a quandary.
Take the phrase ‘WANTS CREATE DISSATISFACTION‘. By itself the phrase is fraught with negativity. It makes you wonder – is it bad to want more ?  am I too greedy for my own good ?
I wish to reassure you instantly. No. No. and a vehement No. Every negative thought carries within it the seeds of a positive one. Allow me to explain – it is only when you are dissatisfied with your present lot in life, that you will desire and seek a change …which is basically an improvement. And for heaven’s sake…what’s wrong with that I ask you ? It can never be wrong, in fact it is positively good to desire to change things for the better. Remember change is a forward motion so go ahead and actively seek to change all that you wish.
It need only be your thinking patterns. The negativity that you are exposed to helps you to ponder on it and teaches you how you may eliminate it completely from your life. Its like the layers of an onion… need to peel the outer layers (negativity) to reach the perfection underneath. Do you eat the outer layer just because it comes first. No .... you clean out the outer layer and seek the inner layer. Apply the same principle for your life.


So let me begin right away and dive headlong into what constitutes negativity or negative thoughts. Another expression would be good and bad.  Positive and good are one and the same just as negative and bad are also one and the same. Let me clarify some negative or bad thoughts for the sake of lucidity. Fears lead to worries and are mainly caused by our inability to make firm decisions... this is the primary reason for failures. Insecurity is another,along with anxiety, procrastination, embarrassment, etc etc.  These etcs are because there are many sub-divisions to the above states. For example the state of “worry” can be many … worries about health, your children, the economy, money, going out after dark, being attacked, thieves – the list is long and endless but the above explanation helps to clarify to you that a worry is just that – a worry – and it is not a state that allows you to be positive or good, hence eliminates happiness.

So the question you need to ask yourself is – do I really need to put myself through so much misery ? Why do I punish myself ? I must understand that the way out is to simply change my thinking pattern. I need to understand that the simple premise on which my life is governed is my thought. My thoughts create my life. If I want something bad to happen to me all I have to do is think it. Can I live with that answer ? Can I understand that I have caused the harm that befalls me by my own thinking ?  That I cannot conveniently blame somebody else or some circumstance outside of my control ?

Most of the people living in this world do not have thisknowledge contained in my MasterMind for they find it hard to believe that they themselves are the creators of the problems that exist in their lives or that they “attract” or “manifest” the negative / bad part that happens to them. You think that the problem that exists in your life is caused by an external source and it is easy and convenient to live with that thinking – whereas “the truth” is something else altogether and more harder to accept .... but accept it you must if you wish to see the changes you desire in your life . As I said above this is an authority site and it is for everybody who wishes to CHANGE THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES ... whatever you are presently ... as you are able to see the truth of what I write ... go and claim your rightful place in this world through my MasterMind. Watch the difference it will make in your life ... why now ...all around you look upto to you and hang onto every word you say ... that my dear is the power of truth ... which EVEN WHEN IT IS QUESTIONED OR DOUBTED ..... YOU CANNOT DILUTE ITS POWER OR AUTHORITY. TRUTH IS AUTHORITY ... AN AUTHORITY RATIFIED BY GOD ... FOR IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Let me illustrate this point with an example as firstly you need to understand that negative and positive both exist simultaneously  in our world – but they exist in their own worlds and their paths need not cross. When a positive person does not fear “negativity“  or “bad”   it does not and never will cross his path until his thoughts turn negative. As it is almost impossible even for a positive person to be positive one hundred percent of the time the trick lies in being able to understand the philosophy of good and bad and how you can instantly knock out negativity by acknowledging the thought as being bad and instantly seeking a redressal of your thoughts to possitivity.  

It is an amazing blessing to fully “understand”  and “comprehend” i.e. “believe” that while we have a problem “a bad thought” , we also have its solution “a good thought”. Remember I mentioned that everything in nature exists in pairs so when you “understand” your problem you go seek its “solution” and free yourself of the burden of your self-caused problem.

If you hold  “a fear” of being robbed or somebody breaking into your house or having an accident or any of the thousands of fears that mankind is  guilty of “thinking” it is but a foregone conclusion that you will face that particular problem  ... if you are NOT able to eliminate that bad thought from your mind. 

But the point of my book is not to focus on problems but to help you “recognize” problems. To be able to understand that yes I accept that a “bad” or “negative” thought is my problem and when I know and understand “problems” the way to help myself is to go after the “solution” i.e. change my thinking to “positive” and just by doing so I have freed myself of the problem. Can anything be more simpler than that is the question I ask you ?

That it is possible to simplify and thus beautify our lives by thinking “truthful”  thoughts is so empowering that you simply must experience it for yourself.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            LEARN THE SCIENCE OF PRAYER THROUGH MASTERMIND

Your mind is capable of only one predominant emotion at any given point in time and considering that we have two emotions - positive and negative to choose from - which emotion are you going to allow to take control of your thoughts ? The obvious answer here will be – positive - for who would voluntarily choose a negative thought ....... but the truth of the matter is that nine times out of ten we allow our negative emotions to hold sway. The way to understand what I am saying is to make yourself conscious of every thought you think..analyse them throughout the day and when you find that many of them are negative - consciously change them into the positive. A tough and uphill task I can assure you but one that needs must be undertaken if we are to change our thinking patterns for the better. Then the Law of Habits will kick in and the going will be smoother. When you form the habit of  being in a positive emotion they will dominate your thinking choices so completely that the negative cannot enter.
Only when you follow these instructions continuously and literally will you gain control over your sub-conscious mind. 
If you are an observant person.... you will have noticed that most people either resort to prayer only after everything else has failed or they pray by a ritual of words committed to memory but without a 100% focus on the words i.e. more like a routine without a connection. And because it is a fact that most people who pray... do so only after everything else has failed .... they go to prayer with their minds filled with fear and doubt....... which are then the emotions the sub-conscious mind acts on and passes on to Infinite Intelligence. These are then the emotions received by Infinite Intelligence and which it acts upon.
When you pray for something - but have fears as you pray - that you may not receive it - or that your prayer will not be acted upon by Infinite Intelligence ....... your prayer will have been in vain.
But prayers do often time result in receiving the thing prayed for. If your experience has been one of receiving .... then do go back into your memory and recall your actual state of mind while you were praying and you will understand that what I have explained above is just not theory.
Educational institutions and schools and even the parents of today are guilty of not teaching the science of prayer to young minds. That is why we see so many living with fear and doubt as their overriding emotions. Superstition and ignorance and even false beliefs can be avoided when you begin to accept yourself as a child of God/Infinite Intelligence...... and it is not that many are ignorant of this fact ....... there are many many in this world who accept this fact and so feel blessed.
Infinite Intelligence is the highest form of energy and thanks to the power of faith we know that far from being empty the spaces in and around us as well as in space is filled with living pulsating energy .......  which vibratory energy connects every human brain to other human brains in mysterious ways we do not yet understand fully. So I ask you ..... why cannot you believe that this same energy connects every human brain with Infinite Intelligence ? This communication will cost you nothing except patience, faith, persistence, understanding and the sincere desire to communicate. Moreover this approach has to be undertaken by each individual himself ! Infinite Intelligence does not do business by proxy ….BUY MASTERMIND (seed money and the law of tenfold return). You need to communicate directly or not at all. You may buy all the prayer books in the world and keep reading them until the day you die but the only way to communicate with Infinite Intelligence is through your thoughts.... for it is your thoughts that will make you undergo the transformation required to communicate with your sub-conscious. The sub-conscious mind is the intermediary which translates one's prayers into terms that presents your message to Infinite Intelligence and receives back an answer in the form of a definite plan.


All that we send out into  the lives of others, thinkingly or unthinkingly, comes back into our own.
Some of the different forms of negativity are complaining, whining, criticizing, blaming, finding fault, annoyance, etc….and all of them carry within them the seeds of unhappiness.
Is that what we want to attract into our lives is the question we need to ask ourselves. If your answer is in the negative….for who will knowingly ask for these ……we need to reprogram our thinking patterns to eliminate the negativity. The negativity that comes back to you ….need not be the same ….it may well reflect itself in another more crucial aspect of your life …..hence I cannot stress this point enough. Let me illustrate this with an example. Let us say that you are stuck in traffic and you are grumbling ad nauseum about it and you are on your way to an important business meeting. You do not get the business that you were seeking but you do not link the outcome of your meeting with your criticisms earlier in the morning. You do not link the two in your mind but that does not mean that the link does not exist. The effect of our negativity may impact any part of our lives…..we don’t have a choice as to which one !
But this is what we are doing….. thinkingly or unthinkingly…. every time we are critical of something …… it the weather, your partner, the government, the traffic, your parents, your children, the economy, food, your own body, the price of things, noise, pollution , service……a pretty long list eh ??
We have become so used to criticizing things in our daily lives and are sometimes not even aware  consciously of doing so for they seem quite harmless activities to us….but be aware….for they may well be the instruments that are responsible for  carrying back negativity into our lives.
It is pertinent to mention here that it is “our vocabulary” that needs a facelift. Think before using words like awful, terrible, horrible, disgusting, bad as they are associated completely with negative feelings and you do not wish to draw that negativity into your life. And since what we utter must return to us ….we are in effect putting these labels on our own life.
Understanding how this philosophy works means that we should be using words like great, amazing, fantastic, super, wonderful, brilliant ! They would turn our world around 360 degrees.
We can have whatever it is we want. So simply harmonize yourself with love and good feelings. You then can have whatever you want. Only excuses and justifications may prevent you from receiving them abundantly. Remember the mistakes you made in the past were made in ignorance but now that you know better there is nothing to stop you from harnessing this power for yourself. Don’t let anything prevent you from having an amazingly super life !


May I expand on the above ? The basic foundation for the Law of Increase is PRAISE. Praise changes your perception of things. It forces you to look for the good.  An increase in life is based on Laws too. If you wish to increase anything in your life you have to raise it. How do you do that ?  Express gratitude / praise = abundance !!
The opposite …..have you ever had someone condemn or criticize your efforts when you have given your best ? How does that make you feel ?   It makes you feel small ….which is the absolute opposite of the meaning of the word “increase”.
So bring the magic of increase in your life … grateful,  give praise where praise is due ! Abundance will naturally follow.


The act of forgiving is the ultimate goodness. In order to understand the true depth of this message go back to the deepest part of you and focus on remembering the hurts hiding there. One by one they will come tumbling out and when they do…try releasing them one by one. Tell yourself that you are a good person and those were unnecessary hurts.

When you have enabled yourself to achieve this ….you will find blessed relief and will literally feel as if a load has fallen from your shoulders. You will feel free to love yourself and feel within you a calm acceptance of just who you are. The act of accepting yourself and your true worth is an amazing life altering experience. It is only when you achieve this level of understanding of yourself …..will you realise that THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS IN TANDEM WITH THE LAW OFACCEPTANCE.  When you accept yourself for who you are …..then you are in harmony with God …..for God never judges you…..he accepts everyone just the way they are- warts and all – & it is only when you raise your own self worth in your own eyes and I mean that in its purest form, then you will accept in your mind’s eye your own goodness.
Achieving whatever it is you want out of life is then just a matter of seeing  your vision achieve reality.

I’ve touched on the Law of Opposites in an earlier post but I find it pertinent to mention here again just how this law functions. You see repetition allows you to delve into and understand a subject a wee bit more with each reading. So to expand on the Law ….take an example of this pair of opposites – i.e.  success vs. failure. In the presence of failure ….success does not stand a chance and cannot exist and if you flip them around vice versa.
So then the question begs itself ….what do you want ???  Do you choose success or its unattractive opposite ??
That our thoughts govern our actions is an absolute given and on which there is no debate ….period.
So then you have to advise yourself ….you better get Roda’s book sooner rather than later….. the fallout is that instead of achieving my success this year I may well be deferring it to the future.

If your answer is in the negative …..i.e. a NO……then you need to know that there is 1 distinguishing trait that is common to all who haven’t………

…….all have watertight alibis to explain their lack of achievement and they will actually ennumerate all the reasons for their failure !!

So let me explain what is an alibi. An alibi is actually a creation of your own imagination and it is human nature to defend one’s own brainchild. It is also a deeply rooted habit which provides justification for what you do.

And I ask you…..can you use an alibi in place of money ? You know the answer to that better than me. The world only wants to know one thing and one thing only - HAVE YOU ACHIEVED SUCCESS ???

Have you ?? ……….if not ….then you definitely need to understand this.

If – you have the courage to see yourself as you really are – then you may find out what  is wrong and rectify it – then you have the power to profit by your mistakes and learn.
But it is far easier to learn from my experience……don’t you think ?? You know that something is definitely wrong with you or you would not be where you are.  You need to spend more time analysing your weaknesses and less time building alibis to cover them.

As Napoleon Hill once said – “Life is a chessboard and the player opposite you is Time. If you hesitate before moving or neglect to move thoughtfully and decisively your pieces will be wiped off the board by Time. You are playing against a partner who will not tolerate indecision !!”

There is a price you will pay if you do not read MasterMind – and the price is a failure in achieving your success quickly……. For  good health, happiness and wealth are all gifts you receive when you connect through MasterMind.

On the other hand investing in MasterMind will grant you rewards of stupendous proportions. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have conquered SELF and forced LIFE to pay you what you asked. 
As Plato said – The first and best victory is to conquer self. To be conquered by self is, of all things, the most shameful and vile.
if we are related, we have through these pages met (this means that we are all connected to each other …whether you believe it or not , whether you understand it or not …. We have been created by Infinite Intelligence in his own image and how we treat each other is a very very important and vital way that we will be judged. When all of us are created in God’s image …… how dare we presume to judge or be unkind to another of God’s creations. Each and every one on this earth is battling his/her own demons and it behoves  us to be kind to as many as we possibly can.

For the absolute basic basis of the Law can be conveyed in one simple word TRUTH.
Now I may tell you here that working with that simple word TRUTH is difficult and arduous. You have to ask yourself many times ….am I on the right track. You may think you are working with the Law but you have to come from goodness. These are high and lofty principles to live your daily life by. It must permeate into each cell and atom of your body. Now I am making it sound more difficult than it actually is….for what it all boils down to is right thinking…….and to achieve right thinking…….you have to change your thinking patterns……and in order to change your thinking patterns ……you must understand certain basics of the Law….and to understand those basics in a simplified manner…you need to go get MasterMind … period …. there is no argument on that and even though I am its author and stand to gain from each sale …..that is the gift that Infinite Intelligence blessed me with for doing his work in sharing the knowledge  that will ultimately help you……. I told you we are connected......did I not !!

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