Through the sales of my MasterMind I had wished to be empowered to help the cause of the girl child and help arrange clean drinking water wherever possible. This was something very close to my heart and partly the reason why I asked God for help with ideas to earn big money at this stage of my life .. i.e. I am around 55 and he gave me my book through my 6th sense which I authored and am continuing to spread the word about....... for God taught me that when you want to do great and grand things in the world .. do something big for mankind for I am in each and every one of my creation. Open your eyes and mind to this - everything in our life...... is for the one purpose of understanding God thereby understanding yourself....... and giving yourself gifts which you might otherwise hesitate to believe...... ARE YOURS FOR THE ASKING ....for everything revolves around our relationship to God for he is in all of us ... thus you will not be wrong if you conclude that we are God ... in a way that is. 

 Now I believe that when you believe in another human the same way you think of yourself smart, intelligent, inherently good, capable of doing the same thing as I ... why then MasterMind will be bought and read by you.....  for I think you love yourself and God as much as me.You see the God in you respects the God in me and you will not be able to walk away without buying my MasterMind .... for it will be your test to prove to yourself that what I say about you is true.

 I have priced my book at 99 dollars for almost half goes to for printing and publishing and I wish to do good from part of my share of the money. Besides the buyer then takes over my role and learns through my book how to create wealth for his/her requirement and thus we keep paying it forward ...generation after generation ... one teaching .. another learning and becoming teacher ..... the circle of life and love ... in one word ..GOD.

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