Life is the best teacher, you need a mentor, follow the advice of elders and so many more is what we are often told and I followed it all to the letter believing in everything and so what I ended up doing was using up time to trying to learn it all and by trial and error I learnt one very crucial lesson .. what has worked for others and the advice of others need not always be right for you and this is the truth for everybody. There is a truism ... love sets you free and this the lesson I believe you need to hear.There is only one person who will love you unconditionally and while reading the healing words in MasterMind .. you will find yourself protected and loved. An immense feeling to experience. 

When I authored MasterMind .. I thought to myself ... I don't like delving into the private minds and lives of others and so counseling was not an option. I wanted MasterMind to be the only book you would need to read again and again to solve all of life's problems ... as this is just how I have used it for I am a very private person too. 

So let me explain .... I am a really foolish girl who can cry easily at another person's problems and it is always very difficult for me not to be able to help anybody so I suppose my MasterMind is a reflection of that desire .. for when I found it solving my health problem and my every other problem I know I am doing the right thing in trying to share it with the whole world .. 

so I have done my best and the rest God will do for God does so love everybody and as it is He who really wants to help you through this page just as He helped me ... pl do put your trust and take a quantum leap of faith. 

I did God's bidding by writing this book for me and you for I am aware of the potential of MasterMind to save the life of any human being suffering from the most life threatening diseases ... but they must want it and desire it and read MasterMind for themselves. Everytime I read of any celebrity dying young I wished that my MasterMind had reached them to help them. Our minds are so fragile that we need to treat it with tender loving care and learn to hope. So if you know any cancer patients, diabetes patients, heart patients .. share the knowledge of MasterMind with them. Only their own capacity to believe in the miracles of God will and can help them. 

We are celestial beings with powers of the mind that you have not yet understood fully how to tap into ... but from my own experience I can guarantee it is really simple. The amazing this about it is that you need to be more childish in your approach to anything .. i.e. sans doubts. Your capacity for faith and belief will be tested time and time again (it is merely to show you how well you can understand things if you allow yourself to do so and it is a confidence building excercise)  and if you come out strong .. you will be be the victor who won it all.

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