Its mid morning on Sunday and at eight the birds were calling out to me to wake up and do my writing (i have begun writing e-books for the Kindle and I have to add the necessary spit and polish to what I am currently writing ) and you know what I just turned over and said mommy daddy let me sleep … work can wait ……and all the different birds started singing together almost like laughing at my little joke in calling God my mummy and daddy. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all of  55+ and my earthly mom and dad live in Mumbai  but I just love the idea of thinking of God as my parent …someone who loves me without any criticism, loves me no matter that sometimes I can be a grouchy bear with a really sharp tongue (but which I have taught myself to tone down because I am genuinely in such a good mood the whole day that I don’t feel the need to be anything but nice).
I connected to God to write MasterMind and then it was MasterMind which truly brought me so close to God  that I now accept and understand that he will always be an extension of me … a part of me …. but never apart from me … and the feelings that well up in me … the feel good endorphins that I feel drowned in .. is the gift I want to recommend to you. 
I am good with words but my husband always beat me at scrabble every time for he is equally good with words ...for he could always make a seven letter word and get those extra 50 points that I would always find so hard to catch up to and beat but just last night I began the game with my first word as a seven letter and won the game. I think I lost my fear of losing and so succeeded at winning.
Life can be good when you learn to make it full of joys and its a certain way of thinking which I assure you MasterMind will help you achieve. For me … I can never thank God enough for giving me my MasterMind. Its like winning at everything you ever attempt to do …. it makes you invincible. Truly to be experienced to feel believable.
Go get MasterMind and learn the secret to the Law of  Attraction

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