I have never hidden the fact that I masterminded with God to create my riches through MasterMind. The disbelievers may call me naive but I know myself for what I am... a true believer for I seldom doubt what I read ...i.e. the knowledge shared through old literature and thus it was that when I read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich I had not even done a complete reading of the whole book but its philosophy resonated in me right away and I picked up its wisdom in random paras that I read before the muse would hit and I authored MasterMind. On the other hand The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles was a book I loved reading and much after I authored MasterMind I have gone back to it again and again. I am a serious believer in the Law of Attraction and would try to follow all that I read and heard about it just to test out what worked and what didn't and I am not sure whether I have shared this on my site before or not but I very very clearly felt the presence of Napoleon Hill and Wallace D. Wattles when I was writing my MasterMind. At the time I wondered whether I was just being fanciful or it was a reality for these are things I know are not too well understood by us but yet they do exist as has been written about by people who have experienced such phenomena. And then just today I was glancing through Napoleon Hill's book and I read his theory of his Invisible Counselors and then it clicked for me ....why that's exactly how I had thought of these two gentlemen. They had in fact been my Invisible Counselors.
Just a couple of days back I was sitting out on my patio and reading something and thinking of my mastermind and the article I had just written to Darren Salkeld an internet marketer in reply to his article on how he had achieved success where I stated simply that the time had come and I experienced an amazing phenomena for want of a better word. The exact thoughts that went through my mind was that I was actually travelling back and forth through different time zones just like Leonardo DiCaprio does in a movie I saw. I actually witnessed the success of my book for I thought of it in the past tense.It felt like I was taking quantum leaps.
I must mention here that there have been times when I have had my moments of sheer frustration when I have wanted to simply give up but never for more than a day for even through my frustrations I could not stay away from my computer and separate myself from my work.And Napoleon Hill made a similar reference that when he had discontinued his work for a while one night Lincoln had visited him to tell him to go ahead with his work for the world was in need of such a work.

I have put all of this down on paper for these experiences I know have been very real for me and it is but natural for me to share what goes on in my literary life to inspire you to reach and achieve the heights you too can aspire too when you believe that anything but anything is possible if you but believe in its truth. Go and take charge of your own life and accept all the beautiful gifts you will receive through MasterMind ... the gifts of imagination to dream big dreams for yourself.

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