If there is one thing that all of us have no control over is that as long as we are alive we will THINK. Within this phrase is our most important TRUTH. 

If thinking is the most important thing we do in our lives we begin to understand that we are creating our life minute by minute with our thoughts. 

Now your thoughts may be positive or negative depending on how much energy and focus you devote to the task. Your daily thinking patterns are stored in your sub-conscious mind. Now bear in mind that it is through your subconscious mind that you communicate with God. I know for sure how I am connected for I get instant guidance every minute of the day from God ever since I have decided to mentor others through my writing... God makes sure that the right information is shared through me. As I write I get guidance through my eyes or my legs letting me know that I am on the right path. Just as I am writing this my left leg feels a pressure on the upper flat part of my foot .I think of it as my manifesting phase. I know that I will receive what I set out to achieve .. i.e. get millions of copies of MasterMind out into the world. I am not afraid to write this on this page .. in fact I wish to inspire you to realise .. that if I a very very ordinary mortal can achieve it .. well then why not you. I have never possessed a college degree and the only thing that sets me apart from you is that I am confident of achieving what I set out to do, worked at it no matter that it took a while... mainly because all the experiences and knowledge I have shared have been my very own experiences. I am a truthful person by nature and it would not do for me to write about something if I personally did not believe it to be true so I went through all the experiences till it has brought me to this high level of competence where all the knowledge of the Law of Attraction is stored in my brain and just reading a word or phrase is enough for me to write pages on it. 
When your mind is free and easy, full of natural joy and positive thoughts that come unbidden to you ... that means they are not repeated or merely read from a piece of paper but felt deep in your heart ....that is the only time when the sub-conscious mind conveys it to God. You cannot fool your sub-conscious mind ... it knows and understands you at your deepest. What do you believe deep within you ... do you believe that God is good ... God is great .. that God really really loves you ... when you connect to those feelings. When you begin to think and trust like a child ... without question ... only belief .. that all that you want and desire shall be yours ... no matter that anyone or everyone else to whom you may share your desires may think them to be impossible to achieve... they will become yours. In fact I would go far as to say .. don't share these thoughts with anyone but God and watch the magic that unfolds. Communicate daily and constantly with God .. have conversations with Him ... God really loves it when you do that. Now I want to see how you will manage all this without MasterMind. I kid you not ... you need small constant 1 page reaffirmations to help you on this journey .. something my MasterMind was written to do. You have a doubt .... hold MasterMind in your hand .. say a teeny weeny prayer and open to a random page. What you read will clear your doubts and voila you are back on the path to positivity. 

It really is impossible to have positive thoughts 100% of the time .. in fact you need have no fear on that score .. man is programmed to have a mix of both thoughts .. for unless you understand what exactly is a negative thought .. how  will you change it to a positive one! BUT HERE IS WHERE IT GETS REALLY SERIOUS AND THERE IS NO AMBIGUITY ON THIS POINT ..YOU NEED TO BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE A THOUGHT THAT IS NEGATIVE ... ACKNOWLEDGE TO YOURSELF THAT IT WAS A BAD THOUGHT, OFFER AN APOLOGY FOR IT .... AND BEGIN TO CHANGE IT TO REFLECT ITS POSITIVE ASPECT. THIS IS IMPORTANT .. FOR UNTIL YOU ADAPT YOUR THINKING PATTERN TO REFLECT THESE CHANGES .. YOU WILL REMAIN JUST WHERE YOU ARE .. IN LIMBO .. WITH NO PROGRESS IN YOUR PRESENT CIRCUMSTANCES. 

This little poem written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox covers it in verse :

                      " You never can tell what a thought will do
                        In bringing you hate or love -
                        For thoughts are things, and their airy wings
                        Are swifter than carrier doves.

                         They follow the law of the universe -
                         Each thing creates its kind,
                         And they speed o'er the track to bring you back
                         Whatever went out from your mind."

Your journey on this planet has already been blessed with MasterMind through its power to heal you through your thoughts. 

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