I keep having these little dialogues with myself to fine tune my thinking and it definitely

serves many a  purpose. I could well be undertaking tasks I particularly do not enjoy

doing so it acts as a diversionary tactic and stops me from becoming a particularly 

annoying person.
Secondly it allows me to think back and forth and consider many options to arrive at the best and most workable solution to other tasks I may need to undertake in the future.
A very important third reason is to pep myself up with positiveness when things are not going the way I want and need them to and the easiest solution is to quit.
Ahh, I now come to the cream of my talk - I'm stubborn as hell and losing can never be an option for me.... I am a winner through and through and I will go after something till it has reached its expected conclusion.
But that's not to say I don't have my off days - I have them all the time and more than I care to admit, Most days I begin the morning as cheery as a butterfly and as the day progresses a few problems keep presenting themselves and by the end of the day sometimes I'm almost ready to say .. is this all worth it ? But then I get up the next morning with a song on my lips and as I look in the mirror while brushing my teeth ..... perforce I smile (I love smiling by the way) and I tell myself - you are basically a happy person and that's what you like to be. To conclude winners are happy persons secure in themselves. Simply model your life along these lines and watch yourself metamorphose.

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