I wish to share with you some aspects of the birth of MasterMind.

My mind was in a turmoil….there are so many things I want to do….not later…. but right away. My list of requirements are long and I just did not want to waste time beginning as I am already in my mid 50s. In fact I am not willing to wait and so I thought to myself …if this is something that I want to do so very strongly …then it must be done right away…why procrastinate. So I am in a hurry …to get started. As the amount of money I want is a lot,  I asked God how would I go about achieving all that I wanted. God answered instantly ….he put into my lap a number of books, one after the other. The first book was the Secret …. but that book did not answer all my questions and left me thirsty for more answers. And then I came across a few more books but before I could even read a few chapters of any other book ….my destiny took over….the muse hit me and I began to write. And then I understood that whatever it is I will ever desire… it is being given to me through a creative source (my writing), through the normal channels of trade and commerce
(sales).  Whenever I did have a doubt I was provided my answer through my computer, i.e. the answer presented itself to me either through the mouth of another or some written source.
Even though the whole experience was mind-boggling to say the least, I now fully know and understand how it works. Channels began to open to me, there is nothing I cannot have because all I have to do is ask with a clean heart and I repeat any honest and good person can have whatever they want. They need not even have to have a deep knowledge of the law of attraction though it does help plenty to understand things.  I tell you this from my own experience  that a working knowledge of the Law does cut our learning curve. When you don’t understand how things work, you will unnecessarily waste  time (a precious commodity) trying to figure out how to manifest by trial and error. You might even think that it does not work if you don’t manage to get it right. I was hesitant to share all this at first but then I realised that not doing so means depriving many many others of benefiting from the knowledge. But now I feel that I would be letting myself and my beautiful gift of down If I did not share.
If I worried that would people believe me that I speak the truth through my book I was made to experience it and realise it that ‘yes’ it does work. I put myself through so many unnecessary but amazing  experiences to say the least….just  because I myself wanted to understand where I was coming from. I have packed a lifetime of experiences in the few months that my book has been in print yo-yoing throughout the day…one minute I’m up and another I’m down. One minute I’m as happy as a lark, the next I’m down in the dumps all because I wanted to be sure that I was speaking the truth. That too was a part of my destiny for I have single handedly marketed my book online...painstakingly creating channels and learning, learning, always learning new things till I have become so good at so many difficult things I did not ever dream possible to achieve all by myself. The mind is a powerful tool ... use it wisely and the world and everything in it can be your oyster. It should not be necessary for me to mention this when you understand that the world and everything in it was always ever created for use of man .. but you know how it is, we are always putting ourselves down and don't even begin to understand our greatness in God's scheme of things... that we are created in his likeness and we are great and good if we allow ourselves to be so. So go claim your greatness ... each and everyone of us are put on this earth to achieve that.
For me because the book came so quickly …I went through it all in reverse. Most people have experiences and then they write about them…but for me the book came first and then the experiences. It was more like after I wrote it…I was the first reader of my book. Gosh what all I put myself through just because I am a perfectionist and wanted to be sure that I wrote what I believed. And yet I must admit that the experiences changed me as a person and if given a choice would I change anything and my answer would be an emphatic no. I can say that I probably was a nice person earlier but definitely had traces of a dominating and autocratic nature where only I was allowed to make all the decisions. I have learnt to tone it all down and have understood the philosophy that nobody needs to be protected all the time and that growth takes place when we are allowed to make our own mistakes and learn from them. And that each and every one of us come into this world alone and while we are on this earth we have a responsibility to ourselves to grow spiritually  and when we do that we unconsciously encourage others to do so to by the inspiration of our own actions. In an earlier article "Alone I am enough" I have explained that depending on others is fine but if you want really great success it is you alone with God as your support that will do the trick. You see only God sees everything and has the capacity to move and shift things into your direct access. I did just that so I am speaking from experience when I give you this advice. I hardly spent any money to publish and market my book.

My advise to all of you….trust me…what I have shared in my book is for your good. Believe it with complete faith and your learning curve will be much much shorter than mine and less strenuous on your nerves.

Owning it will simplify your life ..bring you the beauty of life !
Whatever problems you may have had before ….. will walk out of the same door that brings MasterMind into your life.
You will live a life ..happily ever after. I am sure of that now !!

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