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LAW OF ATTRACTION ......   THE LAW OF RESISTANCE .. my video on the how to of manifesting

Understanding Spirit ..... It gives me no joy to write of my experiences with Spirit. Let me break it all down .. that which I learnt. God is consciousness .. i.e. me and you .. living souls. Spirit consists of the souls of the dead of the past. Just because they are dead souls it does not automatically make them  'GOOD' under any circumstances. This was my horrible experience when I trusted all spirit to be good and giving and linked them to God. In fact spirit played the fool with me endlessly and even when I bettered myself they kept wanting to bring me negative results of the past into my present. I was everything I knew I needed to be ... my MasterMind is all I have promised it is ... but spirit would not allow it to be successful in this world. They would swagger and tell me they are guys ... they say we control all the guys and we will not let them buy MasterMind ... need I say more. They would laugh and tell me they had hidden my money. I came to understand all this and I was mad and livid and I fought more than I needed to but I would not give in.  Imagine the havoc it can cause in the mind of an unsuspecting person who has no idea that spirit can cause them so much harm. 

I had to fight them every inch of the way and I would not accept anything they tried to make me believe came from my head when I knew that it just did not. I am not a negative person ... in fact a very positive person .. but all they did was fight with me in my head and took up my time .. till I realized that that was all I was doing.  I do not wish to give them more importance than they deserve but they did try hard to block my success.  They were not giving and they kept jumping into all the people I know by pretending to help me when in fact they were the chaos factor.  So next time your relationships go askew .. stop to ponder as to who is poisoning your mind ... bad thoughts ... you bet your last dollar you have stumbled on to the truth. This truth alone will help you to walk out of all confusions of the mind and you can rest easy knowing that you were not the creator of the bad thoughts .. but they came to you from out the unsuccessful minds of the past. Always trust in your own positive thoughts ... they are the part of you that is the God factor for your life.

One more Truth of our world to imbibe. That which you focus on you draw to yourself and you will perpetuate its influence in your life. If it is a fear...... for resistance is fear.... a fear of the unknown....where you are not sure of the results. This is a common fear as most people are afraid that they may not succeed they will not take the risk of failure. To eliminate that risk ... get a copy of MasterMind ... fore it is destined to bring you success.

So the inherent Truth in all honest endeavour is that you take the risk of failure in your stride and use it as a stepping stone to success. After all what is the benefit of a failure .... it is merely to teach you what may or may not work and you learn to eliminate that which did not work and look for another alternative that may work. Better still just read my MasterMind. When you read MasterMind you will realise that you are connected to God and I can tell you that you will need to put your faith in MasterMind to help you succeed and the quickest way to let go or overcome that which you fear is through direct experience. When you expose yourself to that fear then you realise that it was not "as bad"  as you had built it up in your head.

The Law of Resistance assures that you let go of any and every fear by encountering it. When you face it head on ..... you not only eliminate the fear of it as well as understand the basic Truth of a fear..... which is that all fears are nothing but negative thoughts. Negative thoughts prevent you from succeeding. They hold you back from being what you are capable of becoming.

Most disharmonious situations (things that make you unhappy, sad and not in tune with happiness...for that is the purpose you were put on this earth ... to learn to be happy) are solved by a change in your viewpoint. And if you are no longer affected by a problem - why - by that very logic you no longer have a problem.

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