law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana,
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana


What is the single most essential ingredient to success, be it the accumulation of wealth, great health, etc ? 
The answer may be summed up in these 2 words "driving force". The Universe does not grant success, at anything, to a person who does not persist....often in the face of great chase their goals. Those who stop, fall by the way side and success will not be theirs. When you persist with faith and demand the success you want from the Universe, unwilling to take no for an answer and willing to do whatever it takes to succeed .....then and only then  will you acquire the power essential for success. Plans simply are not enough .. you need to add power to the equation to translate it all into right action. 

So what is power ?
Power is organised effort and intelligently directed knowledge. Power is required not only for the accumulation of money but also its retention ! This power must be sufficient to enable an individual to convert the desire for it into its monetory equivalent. So how do you acquire power ??
As explained earlier power can be acquired by organised effort and intelligently directed knowledge.Let us go with knowledge first. There are 3 known major sources of knowledge. I shall explain :
1) Infinite Intelligence i.e. God. 
All of us are in the habit of praying and some of us are in the habit of conversing with God. When you are in the habit of conversing with God, seeking his help in all that you do throughout the day i.e. treating him as a higher knowledge within you that will help you overcome every difficulty you may encounter bless yourself with the power to create anything at will. You must be of strong mental make-up (if you aren't at present, do change your thinking to incorporate a strong will), able to take a few minor defeats in your stride....for whoever succeeded without tasting failure ? Those who tell you that they succeeded without any failures are lying.... or at best they never looked on the minor setbacks that they experienced along their journey to success as failures but  more as stepping stones. In present times we refer to this as a learning curve.  
2) Accumulated knowledge - meaning knowledge that already exists that has been recorded in books and easily available to you through a public library. Never underestimate the power of the written word to inspire and guide the destiny of any person so inclined to seek it.
It has the potential to change lives for the better every single time.....for it is desired and sought by the person himself.
3)Research and experiment - New facts are daily being gathered, organised and classified in practically all walks of life. It is to this source that one must turn when knowledge is not available through accumulated knowledge. This too often uses the power of Creative Mind or Infinite Intelligence.It has been stated that everything that man is capable of using or creating was first conceived and stored by Infinite Intelligence even before man or this world was created. A person so inclined then becomes the benefactor of God's largess.

Knowledge is power ... begin your journey with MasterMind ... you cannot leave it out of your equation. If you do your learning curve will be longer and then you will have no one but yourself to blame for your inaction.Always hitch your wagon to a star if you wish to aim high. Therein lies your  power to succeed.

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