When God solves your problems...you have faith in his abilities ;
When God does not solve your problems...HE has faith in your abilities !

There is so much solace in the above words. Belief is the all important factor in our lives and it behoves us to guard our thoughts zealously. Our beliefs are always shaped to a very large extent by the many things we think and observe ...so it is of the utmost importance. I will go so far as to say that it is the only thing of import that we must focus our attention on. I include myself in the plural we of my article as all of us ...teacher and pupil ...are learning all the time.
Make this the basis of your life and focus your attention to it at all times. And here your will power needs must be exercised for it is by our will that we determine on what things our attention will be fixed.
When you want to become rich , you will not become so by making a study of poverty. When yu want perfect health...you will not become healthy by studying diseases or by thinking about disease!
In the same vein righteousness cannot be promoted by the thinking and studying of sin...for no one can become what they want by thinking and studying its opposite.

It is unfortunate that medicine as a science of disease has only increased disease; religion as a science of sin has only increased promotion of sins and economics as a study of poverty will only fill the world with more poverty and want. So it is necessary for us to not talk of poverty, do not investigate it or even concern yourself with it. As you have nothing to do with them you need not ponder on its causes.


To that end I say do not spend your time in charitable work or charity movements as all charity tends to perpetuate the poverty it aims to eradicate.

Eradicate poverty by increasing the number of well to do people.....not well to do people thinking of eradicating poverty. You will consider yourself successful in this endevour if you have managed to influence a number of poor people with a desire and a belief to becoming rich.

Nobody .....especially the poor, needs charity .....all everybody ever needs is inspiration.

All that charity ever does is keep a person alive ...as does a loaf of bread or a little entertainment for an hour or two. But inspiration on the other hand will cause them to want to rise out of their present existence. The best help you should ever want to offer a poor person is by becoming an example they want to follow. PROVE IT BY GETTING RICH YOURSELF.

I am attempting to influence as many people as I can of this world to understand that any and all negatives can be banished from your life through implementing the teachings in my book MasterMind.
I wish to make you understand that you need to get rich by creation and not competition. I will elaborate to explain this philosophy. When a person becomes rich through competition....he tends to block another's progress by throwing down the ladder by which he climbed up. On the other hand every person who becomes rich through creation ...opens up the way for many other to follow ...in so many ways...including inspiring them with a doable example.

You will not be considered hard of heart or an unfeeling person when you refuse to pity poverty, see poverty, read about poverty or think or talk about it.

Keep using your willpower to keep your mind off the subject of poverty and instead focus it with faith on your purpose or vision of what you want for yourself. The important lesson to learn from this philosophy is this...there are many things in this world we may unknowingly draw into our lives by thinking, reading or focussing our attention to them.
Why give our time and energy to things which are slowly being removed by evolutionary growth from our lives. Focus attention instead on promoting their hasty removal by allowing evolutionary growth as far as each one of us are concerned.
Do not waste time and energy on focussing on the acts of horror in certain countries or places ( a message for america here). You will waste your time and destroy your own chances by contemplating them.

Give your energy wholly to the world becoming richer instead. Think of the many riches the world has and will continue to have and bear in mind that each individual has a responsibility to assist the world in growing rich by growing rich themselves...creatively.

Help the poor by thinking and speaking of them as people who are in the process of becoming rich and in need of congratulation rather than pity.They will then catch your inspiration and begin their search for A WAY OUT.

When I say that you sould keep your focus on getting rich it does not mean that you should use any means to become so. 
When you use the competitive plane to get rich ...it is a mindless struggle and scramble for power over other men which is an act against God. Using the creative route on the other hand is the noblest aim one can have in life for it includes everything else. All that is lofty and possible in the way of greatness and the unfolding of your soul in service comes by way of getting rich and all will be made possible by the use of things. 

If for example physically your health is not good ...you will change that ...for achieving health is conditional on your getting rich. Only those who are free from financial worry and who have the means to live a care-free existence and follow hygienic habits can have and retain perfect health.

Only when you are above the competitive battle for existence and you have begun your journey to riches on the plane of creative thought ... will you actually free yourself from competition.
When your heart is set on domestic happiness ....remember love flourishes best where there is refinement, a high level of thought and freedom from any corrupting influences and these can only be found where riches are attained by exercising your creative thought without strife or rivalry.

Your desire for riches is a great and noble one and you must make it your mental picture. Exclude and leave out all things that may dim or obscure that vision.

You must teach yourself to see the underlying truth in all things, you must be able to see beyond all seemingly wrong things - to the Great One Life (God) always moving forward to a more fuller expression of itself and hence complete happiness.

Let me explain here some of the reasons why people are poor :-

  • they are simply unaware of the fact that there is wealth for them too and the best way to show them that this is an achievable goal ...is by becoming rich yourself. You teach them by your own example.
  • some people are poor because they are not able to see the road they need to travel on as they are mentally lazy to seek it out for themselves and they too need to be shown the way to affluence by example. The best thing to do is to arouse their desire by showing them the happiness that comes from being rightly rich.
  • some others remain poor because while having some knowledge of science...they get so lost in the maze of metaphysical and occult theories that they don't know what to do. They may try many systems and fail in all. These people too need to be shown the right path and practice. An ounce of doing and achieving is worth a pound of theorizing.
The very best I can do for the rest of the world is to make the most of myself. I can find no better way to serve God and man than by getting rich ......by the creative method.     https://www.createspace.com/3452539

MasterMind gives in detail the principles f getting rich and if that is true you will not need another book on the subject. It is not egoistic of me to state this ......for the shortest distance between you and your goal as with any two points....is the most direct and simple route you need to travel to get there. MasterMind is sure to take you there.
Read my book often, keep it on your bedside table and reach out for it until you have achieved your goal.......you are now rich beyond your wildest dreams.
Roda Langrana, Author, MasterMind

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