Why do you need a guide for example MasterMind !
Let me begin by telling you my story...when I was ready the Law of Attraction made its entry into my life. But what I learnt along the way after reading many many books on the subject was that is a journey....a beautiful journey as I understand it now having experienced it firsthand. It is not your destination !A destination is an arriving point when everything good is behind you whereas a journey is when you embark on it and there is a lot more good coming your way possibly for the rest of your long life! Why am I telling you all this...simply because you need to read on the Law of Attraction a little every day to begin to let its effect into your life. At first you open up your thinking to begin thinking in a different way....this is way too important ! Then by trial and error you let it start working in your life. You may face some setbacks and it may not work immediately for everybody. Why ? Because we have programmed ourselves from birth to think in a certain way which may not necessarily be the correct we need to work on that to change that paradigm. And slowly but surely you will begin to notice little little changes where you are able to get what you desire and then you begin to understand that....hey this works you begin to trust this knowledge and bigger and better changes occur until you are living the life you desire. 
For all of this to happen you need to work on your sub-conscious mind. That's where all your blocks are and through which you will ultimately see success.
Even though I am now able to use the Law of Attraction I still need to read a little every day ...for we all learn by rote and you need to impress your sub-conscious mind with this knowledge till it becomes a part of how you think everyday. 
I love to share the knowledge of what I've learnt (for my highest potential to influence is rooted in my authentic self...meaning who I really am and what I enjoy doing ...  to empower others,many many others.......for this knowledge is your power. This knowledge allows you to become confident .... empowering you and literally gifting you the success you desire. Always be confident that whatever you may desire that is not in conflict with anybody(meaning the source is creative in nature and you wish to do some good with it too) yours for the taking.
So now you understand why you need a guide. Most of the books on this subject are written many many years ago and do contain a lot of information which in our busy lives we may not have time for.
My book MasterMind contains all the knowledge necessary for you and is written in a beautifully simple style. Even young adults may benefit from it immensely(I thoroughly recommend it) for the older we get the more we get set in our ways and it takes that much longer to unlearn the old and relearn things. That is why a lot of people don't straightaway see the success they desire. So do not put off your success for later...begin now. The Law of Attraction is for everybody's desires are different....some want perfect health, some want to feel young, some want wealth, some want happiness......and some may want all of the above.....its ok to want what you want .....simply read MasterMind and bring it all into your life.You need not feel that you are being contraire is your birthright as a son and daughter of God. You just took a deep breath in relief.....I know I did. It felt good just sharing this knowledge. As my kids keep telling me....momma you just love to lecture don't you ! They've seen me at it their whole lives with all their friends and even virtual strangers who come to buy Tupperware from me. 
And as I look back on my life...yes I am proud to admit that I was born to do this was always a part of my destiny. To desire to bring immense good in the lives of others even strangers was a goal.... and to know that I have made a difference to somebody's life for the better is something I look forward to hearing about.
if we are related we have through these pages met....this sentence (by Napoleon Hill) states unequivocably that we are one...let us celebrate it.

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