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What I am about to share with you is my very personal story about how I manifested my present home........sometimes truth is stranger than will understand me better as this story unfolds. My desire to share this story with you is to inspire you to action. Please don't waste your precious time in self doubts....go forth with courage and reach for the unreachable star for yourself.

I grew up in Calcutta but have lived in other places too before that. About 12 years ago my hubby and I felt the need to move to a bigger house as he was an only child and we wanted to have his parents move in with us along with his uncle (dad's brother..who was a bachelor). They were all getting old and sometimes if they fell ill in the night my hubby would have to go over in the middle of the night to see to them. So at first we searched in Calcutta and it was for almost a year that we did so but did not find anything that suited us. Tired from all that unfruitful activity we went for a holiday to Bangalore. Having returned with our batteries recharged... we again resumed searching for a bigger home. Not finding anything that we liked.... it suddenly occurred to us that maybe we could look at the option of moving to another city. Bangalore got the thumbs up for we had just been there and liked it tremendously for its amazing weather. Our kids were still in school so the next hurdle was to look into the schooling and so we applied to a couple of schools for our daughter who is younger. Just imagine the strangeness of the events as they unfolded. My brother was due to get married and I was making plans to go to his wedding in Mumbai and my tickets were booked too when a call came from a school in Bangalore requesting my daughter to appear for a written test on the very day of my brother's marriage. Now this was a tough decision to take for any delay would mean we would have to defer our moving for one full year. So we decided that my hubby would take my daughter to Bangalore and I would go to Mumbai with my son. My daughter was selected immediately and there being only a few days left for the new academic year to begin we were left with no time to think ...we just had to go with the flow. My hubby made me cut short my trip and I immediately started preparing to move to Bangalore.
While I was in Calcutta I experienced an epiphanous happened like this. I was doing Tupperware as I enjoy using the product and in fact I am still marketing it even today. The lady owning the unit I was attached to had invited a few of us over to her house for lunch. After lunch we sat around talking and she started questioning me about my impending move. She casually asked me if I knew where I was going to live in Bangalore and I replied that I really did not know but would decide after moving there. She then told me "I think you should look at Koramangala residential might like it." As she spoke the hairs on my whole body stood up and I instantly understood that it was an epiphanous moment...... and that this was a message I should take seriously flashed in my head. How and why I thought that I am not able to explain....but later I read somewhere that sometimes God speaks to us through the voices of others and if we heed the words we stand to gain.
So we moved to Bangalore and into a beautiful apartment which we rented for a year so that we could look around and decide where we actually wanted to live. Time passed and soon 11 months of our lease were over and hubby was actually debating on buying the apartment we were living in presently for by all accounts it was a beautiful apartment but I had set my heart on a house with a little garden and I could not let go of that desire. Oh I forgot to add the all important fact that while we were driving around looking at different houses I ACTUALLY DROVE PAST MY PRESENT HOUSE A FEW TIMES AND EACH TIME I WOULD TELL MY HUBBY THAT I WOULD LIKE MY HOUSE TO HAVE THAT PARTICULAR BOUNDARY WALL. MIND YOU IT WAS NOT THE HOUSE I FOCUSSED ON ....JUST THE OUTER FACADE OF THE BOUNDARY WALL. 
To get back to my story day we were at the office of the agency that had arranged our apartment and the gentleman who was by then a good friend asked us why we hadn't asked him to help us locate a house. We looked at each other's faces and agreed that it was really strange that we hadn't done so. It was late evening and he told us that in fact he did have a house in mind for us but it was not on the market and he was not sure whether the owner would be ready to sell but he gave us the keys and asked us to go have a look at it all the same. We did so and you can guess which house it was....the very same one whose boundary wall I had admired. It has been our home now for the last 11 years and thereby hangs a tale. 
My reason for sharing my personal story is to inspire you to dream big for yourself....yes dreams do come true. Remember this earth and all its resources are but for the use of man. Do not belittle yourself and consider yourself undeserving. Believe that you can have all that you desire....even if you desire to own an area as big as the moon can be yours  !!
You have MasterMind to help you .........

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