HARMONY IN MARRIAGE - let the flame of love always guide your life.

What does a marriage entail ? For it to be genuine its basis or foundation must be on a sound spiritual basis and by that I mean it must be of the heart for the heart is the chalice of love. Kindness and honesty and sincerity as well as personal integrity are all the different aspects of love.
If a man marries a woman to lift his ego or his social position it indicates a lack of sincerity, honesty and true love. If a woman marries a man for security or money or any other reason but love her thinking is faulty.
Any person can never lack for wealth or health if they apply the techniques outlined in MasterMind. Your wealth can come to you independent of your husband, wife, parents or anyone else. 
No woman is dependent on her husband for health, inner peace, joy, inspiration, guidance,love, wealth, security, happiness or anything else in this world. They come from the repeated use of the laws of her own mind in a constructive fashion of the powers within her.
All marital problems are caused by the failure to properly understand the functions and powers of your own mind. It is possible to eliminate all friction between a husband and wife when each partner uses the law of the mind correctly. It begins by praying together.....when you pray together you stay together.  Ideals like the contemplation of divine ideals, study of the laws of life, enjoyment of personal freedom bring about a harmonious marriage and that sense of oneness.
Problems in a marriage..... being no different from all other problems.......may be traced back to a lack of knowledge of the workings of your mind and the interrelationship of the conscious and sub-conscious minds.
You need to have the knowledge of how your sub-conscious mind works and that whatever your conscious mind thinks (right or wrong)  your sub-conscious mind  will bring into your world. So begin now to impress your sub-conscious mind with the qualities and characteristics you want in your partner. Have a keen desire to give the best that is in you of co-operation, devotion and love. Think good of the other and you are actually thinking good about yourself.
Hateful and resentful thoughts are like mental poison. When you think ill of another all you end up doing is thinking ill of yourself  for

you are the only thinker in your universe

and your thoughts are creative.

What you think and feel about the other, you are bringing to pass in your own experience. This is the psychological meaning of the Golden Rule. As you want others to think of you ......... think you about them in the same manner.
To cheat, rob or defraud another brings lack, loss and limitation to yourself for your sub-conscious mind records your inner motivations, thoughts and feelings. When these are negative .......trouble will come to you in countless ways. Remember to remember........what you do to the other are doing to yourself.
The good you do, the kindness and goodness you offer, the love you send  forth will all come back to you multiplied in many ways.
Wish for the other what you wish for yourself. This is the key to harmonious human relations. Love is the answer to getting along with others.
In conclusion -------- love is understanding and respecting the divinity of the other.


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