law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

MasterMind  - secret of Law of Attraction

MASTERMIND my book performs a valuable service. I recognized very quickly ………..
  • the real needs of people and am attempting in my humble way to provide a solution that will help you to go from where you are … where you need to be.
  • Just because you have not recognized that you have this need ……does not mean it does not exist. And how do I say that with absolute certainty ….its  because, we (you and me) are all ordinary mortals…but with an innate capacity to achieve extraordinary things….its the very purpose for our life on this earth and I am convinced that you understand just what I am trying to convey. We are capable of so much ….and  when you read MasterMind ….you will be able to understand immediately just what you need to do in your life. You need to trust and believe that you are being helped…by none other than God (for only he knows and sees all) …and I am just the vehicle making it happen for you.  Not putting your faith in MasterMind  may be costing you big time. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF YOUR LIFE SO DO NOT WASTE TIME…BEGIN NOW
  • Take a look at history …..its full of people who sold things. Imagine  what this planet would be like if Henry Ford had had reservations about taking the Model T to the public. All the biggest pioneers of the world are sellers too.
  • To sell is to share ideas with others – e.g. Thomas Watson,Bill GatesSteve Jobs, etc. Taking a decision to buy will empower you beyond your wildest imagination.
  • So why am I telling you all this – well I’m trying to explain to you that if you want to be successful in the business world as well as Life…… need to know how to sell your ideas and yourself and you will never be able to do that if you have inhibitions about yourself.
  • Learn how to rid yourself of  your fears, inhibitions, etc., the answers are all there in my book :
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