The conscious mind has a very important function  in that it acts as a “watchman at the gate” to protect your sub-conscious mind from wrong impressions as it is very sensitive to suggestions. This is how the basic law of the mind works and the reason for its importance.
Suggestions are always tremendously powerful.  Your sub-conscious mind can make comparisons, distinctions or any decision. It can reason or think for itself. Thinking and reasoning is also  done by the conscious mind.
Your sub-conscious mind will only react to the thoughts of your conscious mind as it cannot pick and choose different course of actions. It merely accepts what it is given.
Same suggestion – different reactions
You must realise that different people will react in different ways to the same suggestion as they have different sub-conscious beliefs. Depending on their temperament and conditioning their sub-conscious mind will re-act differently.
A suggestion is the mental process by which a thought or idea is accepted by one’s mind. It is important to remember that a suggestion cannot impose itself on the sub-conscious mind against the will of the conscious mind…….as your conscious mind always has the power to reject the suggestion.
All of us have our inner beliefs, opinions and fears. It is these inner assumptions that rule and govern our lives – as a suggestion by itself has no power.  It is only when you accept it mentally that it gathers power. Only then will your sub-conscious mind begin to act in accordance to the nature of the suggestion.
It is, therefore, very important to give your sub-conscious mind only those suggestions that heal, bless, elevate and inspire you in all ways. Remember …….your sub-conscious mind always takes you at your word.

Suggesting something definite and specific to oneself is one way of defining autosuggestion and when properly used it can be extremely helpful and empowering.
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