law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana
secret of law of attraction mastermind by roda langrana

I had decided….. when I started blogging about my book that I would possibly go upto 50 articles and I have completed that task. In conclusion…. this is the first of my 3 part series of articles. I will then have completed creating all the material needed to market my book online.
At heart I am an old fashioned person and mentoring has always come easily to me. I love sharing knowledge and that is why I chose no automated system to market MasterMind. And I can state here quite confidently that most of the Internet Marketing Gurus are my friends and I could have gotten the best system there is to do so had I wanted to as IM is also something I have great interest in. Instead for this book I opted for the lengthy methodology of creating confidence in my readers and letting them know that I come with knowledge of the subject at hand. I opted to  gently guiding my buyers to building their confidence through my blog posts. People are hurting these days due to the state of the economy and I could not bear to compound that. I do not like discussing negative things as then your focus goes awry. Yesterday is over and we are in a new day today…one as full of promises as you would like to have it. I want MasterMind to be a beacon of hope for people and I am confident that it is so. My confidence to state this fact so unequivocably comes from the tremendous change that has overtaken me. I am now a calm and happy person and nothing seems to ruffle my feathers any more. I am in awe of the life I am leading everything and on my terms.
The hallmark of a ‘GURU’. I come from India where this word was coined and let me tell you that in days gone by ‘gurus’ were formidable people. They were learned men and sages whom kings appointed in their courts to teach the next gen i.e. the princes who would eventually rule vast kingdoms and be responsible for the welfare of their people.
And so I come to our present times where this word has gained momentum and I would like to spell out some of the RESPONSIBILITIES that are attendant to being a ‘GURU’. And yes every person who aspires to teach and guide has responsibilities of a formidable sort. Especially as I am doing …through the net where my reach is so vast that I may hazard a guess as to the many millions who have actual knowledge of my book and my blogs. And I am so so humbled by the thought. For those of you who have read my book …you will be aware that I felt the presence of Napoleon Hill and Wallace D. Wattles near me when I was writing as I have written about it in my book.
The main aim of a guru …….should be to create intelligent leaders of their students for unless you set a person free to thinking for himself and making his own wise decisions for himself your job is incomplete. You see what I mean by “its a formidable task”.

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