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Do you know one sure-fire way to getting rich quickly. And do cast your doubts aside as it is these very same doubts that stop your progress to acquiring riches. Now let us analyse why one may want to get rich and I elaborate here that every person will have his/her own reasons for doing so.
But the underlying reason will be that you want a better life for yourself and your family.....some may want to buy expensive books to acquire knowledge, some may want to travel, etc etc. 
So I ask you what is wrong with your aspirations,your dreams? 
Has God ever said that you are not supposed to dream big, want and desire a better life.
No.....never.....these limitations have been fed to you by people around you....possibly those who have not achieved much in their lives and are now passing that burden onto your shoulders. 

But do you need to carry around that baggage?   It does not belong to you. You are born free of such limitations and are entitled to achieve and enjoy everything your heart desires. SO NOW THE QUESTION IS....WHAT DO YOU DESIRE ????

To tell you the truth does not matter what you desire.....what is more important is that you should have a burning desire to achieve whatever it is you want. A good life, a lovely home, happiness, good health.... they can all be yours for the taking. Read about it in my book

See yourself living the life you would lead if money were no object. Allow it to become real in your mind's eye. 
How ready are you to get out of your own way ???....eliminate resistance and self-sabotage.
One sure way to acquiring riches....solve other people's them a sure-fire way to attain the results they want. And the Universe will reward your efforts by answering your prayer. Amen.

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