Yesterday, Mark Joyner of Simpleology sent me a powerful story as an e-mail attachment. It is written in the 1600s and I read it late at night. The story is in a pdf format and is barely 16 pages long. The language as you can guess is olde english but what the storyline established (at least to me) is that this knowledge has existed from time immemorial, i.e. as long as man has existed on this earth ....... told and retold through every century reaching a finer and finer and a more polished version with the retelling.
I see the master storyteller of all time doing his work in guiding his flock....i.e. God trying to tell us again and again....listen to my stories...... they carry your greater good. They are being shared with you for your benefit.
I too was guided in telling my version of this story...a more polished version written in a manner to be easily chewed and digested.
And if you wish to make the desired changes to dramatically improve your life........cut the years of a learning curve....and arrive at your destination unscathed....i.e. eliminate  years of making mistakes and learning from them you will perforce go through that when you do not know the guidelines that are already there for your benefit but which you need to acquire through knowledge imparted by a written word.
We all have x number of years on this earth......of which many are already over .....maybe a goodly you have the time to learn things by trial and error ?  More importantly do you like suffering and learning ?
Isn't it better to acquire knowledge that will prevent further suffering and bring you to a life of your dreams. It is possible. That is my only guarantee !
Go get my book for yourself.

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