MasterMind secret of law of attraction

Are you a "discerning" customer ??  If you are.....then please read on.

Are "YOU" one of the few to whom a well constructed sentence is of "import" when reading a book.   If so....then read on.

You see "I" belong to the rarified group of people for whom it is vitally important to read  books that are written well. English is the most beautiful language in our present world so why settle for less !!
So when I wrote my book MasterMind can imagine who was its biggest critique....
The only way I have of proving my assumption is the fact that when I sent my manuscript for approval to 3 of the biggest publishing houses in America....all three right away accepted it. I felt honoured.

I believe that when you have a great product at a great price that can only make your customers lives that much easier and more don't need to labour the point endlessly....or make up ridiculous stories.....or add any number of freebies to persuade people to buy it.
I wish to treat my readers as the intelligent adults they are.....and when and only when they decide they have a desire to buy my book for themselves......why then they will......and that is the new concept that I have decided to adopt.
It is important for me to treat everybody with respect as I believe that there is a little bit of God in every human being and thus I am addressing God too in all my interactions. Seek the good and ye shall find it.

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